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I'm not surprised that we don't see many double weddings these days, but they totally remind me of classic films where identities get mixed up or one of the dudes has to coach the other on how to get the girl. Here we have sisters getting married on the same day and not only that… in the same dress! It's fantastic.

Check out the cap sleeves, lace gloves, and flower girls straight out of Jane Austen. Here is what Harley had to say about her submission:

This is a picture of my paternal great-grandparents, Ruth and Horacio (on the right) at their wedding sometime in 1948 in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. On the left is my great grandma's sister Mara and her husband, Santiago. My great grandma and her sister did everything together and even wore identical dresses to their wedding! The only differences were the headpieces and bouquets.

A story that my grandmother told me is that my great grandpa gave my great grandma a promise ring. When she saw it she said she didn't like it because it looked cheap. Upon hearing this, my great grandpa threw it into a field and it was never to be found again. She was a feisty woman. But from what I heard, they loved each other very much. The only mystery in this picture are the two little flower girls. I've asked around with the family and no one knows who they are.

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  1. pretty wedding dress and gloves, flower girls look cute and great picture

  2. Naaaw!
    This reminds me of my nanna and grandad! My nanna was a twin and her and hr sister had a double wedding, i’ll have to dig out a photo of it – they look ah-mazing!

  3. The flower girls are far from Jane Austen-ish, but still adorable! Look at that dress on the left! I love these old wedding photos!

    Anyone interested in seeing a wedding from 1981?

  4. How in the world would you ever get two sister brides to agree on the exact same dress? That would be one interesting bridal appointment!

  5. My grandmother and her sister did this! They married a pair of best friends. They also wore the same dresses (which my great-aunt made, but grandma did all the covered buttons) and my grandpa and great-uncle wore the same suit. They both had their 50th anniversaries a few years ago. I should see if I can get a hold of some of the pictures….

  6. I love the sleeves on the brides! I did something similar – it’s such a fantastic look, and one you don’t see often (usually it’s full-on gloves or nothing, and often not even lace). Rock on!

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