Photo by Lakshal Perera
Photo by Lakshal Perera

Everything about this photo that was uploaded to our Flickr pool made me full of happy. First of all, it's a damn impressive shot from Offbeat Bride vendor Lakshal Perera. Second, that's Tribesmaid Tashio. And third, Tashio's description of this fabulous moment in wedding photography went thusly:
“Victory of awesome. 19/1/13 The happiest day of my life — not only marrying my man but being surrounded by PURPLENESS.”

There must have been something in y'alls water this week, because we got a LOT of these victorious moments of awesome. From pulling off the holding-a-drink-and-bouquet-whilst-hugging maneuver, to a little friendly competition between newlyweds. To the victor go the spoils of this week's reader photos…

Photo by Wild About You Photography.
Rob and Rachel had a pinball and pie wedding and HAD to take a bride and groom pinball game photo. I have to say, winner be damned: Rachel just scored a shit ton of points with me for that amazing dress.

Amanda & Aron
I've got to give it up to this photo of wedding triple fisting perfection? Champagne AND bouquet in one hand, and hugging someone with the other. I take my hat off to you, Madam.

photography by john decker
The smiles, the light, the dress, the fact that this is the first entire bridal party on a carousel photo I've ever seen. GORGEOUS!

Chenoa and Valerie were victorious against the tsunami evacuation horn that interrupted their Oahu wedding reception. They just packed up their wedding pies and board games and had a tsunami slumber party on their photographer (Jon from One Love Photo) grandparent's lanai and the party continued on into the next day.

A Texas Tech Wedding
The only thing that could possibly make this “victory of awesome” roundup even MORE victorious is if we had a photo of a couple exiting their ceremony to their college fight song. Oh look! These newly married Texas Tech graduates did EXACTLY that. You guys are awesome.

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