DSC_2500The Offbeat Bride: Sharla, newspaper production designer (and OBT member “Firecracker“)

Her Offbeat Partner: Kris, engineer

Location & date of wedding: Moab, Utah — April 25, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: We love Moab for its scenery and fantastic trails, so we chose to get married there. We had about 23 guests, no attendants, and very little of the traditional trappings. I made my own gown in blue silk, and I had orange crinoline, orange shoes, orange fishnets, flowers, etc.

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Our table decorations featured local rock arrangements, handmade tablecloths & runners, thrift store bowls with miniature Jeeps and chocolate rocks. And we served gourmet sandwiches and cheesecake to our guests. I walked down the aisle to Funtwo's electric guitar rendition of the Canon in D, and our ceremony was brief and nonreligious. The town mayor performed the ceremony, which included a Native American wedding blessing as well as just the right touch of humor.

Immediately after the wedding we led a Jeep ride on one of Moab's most famous Jeep trails. I rode with my new husband to the trail head, but from there I drove my own Jeep–still in my wedding dress.

DSC_2347Our biggest challenge: Planning a nontraditional wedding at a distance was a bit tough. Our original site was reserved 15 minutes before I called, and I was very ill the weekend my then fiance drove over to find a new site. So until three days before the wedding, I'd only seen our site in pictures.

We had such a low-key event, however, that I really didn't run into any major snags. The weather was very windy and began to rain, but that's the chance you take with any outdoor event.

Our family was all very supportive and enjoyed themselves, even though they probably would have rather seen us have a more traditional event.

My favorite moment: I'm sure this is cliche and unoriginal, but kissing my husband for the first time.

And driving my Jeep in my wedding dress afterward.

3765789856 cc1f9b4518 m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)My advice to other brides: ‘It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.' We didn't ask our parents and friends what they wanted — we just told them what our plans were. Some things we didn't tell them at all. Maybe that is rude, but I felt it was easier than explaining to my religious in-laws that I didn't want a church wedding. They were all very supportive, and if they had any objections they didn't spoil our day by saying anything.

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Most of them were handmade or purchased at thrift stores!

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Comments on Sharla & Kris’ Moab, Utah Motorhead Wedding

  1. just wanted to say i totally covet both your shoes and your hair 🙂 plus your pictures make me want to visit utah- and i've never thought that before!

  2. Everything is beautiful! The location, the brides whole outfit, the fact that they did exactly what they wanted, everything!

  3. The location is gorgeous! And I can’t get over the dress–it’s so amazing. One of those weddings I wish I could’ve been at.

  4. I forgot to add that the photos were by Starry Eyed Photography from Portland, OR!

  5. I love Utah. Beautiful place to get married. And what a lovely dress. The blue in your hair goes with the dress. Nice touch. I love people who do unique weddings that suit them personally. Rock on!

  6. Thanks everybody 🙂 No, it wasn't Arches, although that was my first pick. National parks only allow 15 people at an event, and while we didn't have many more, we didn't want to trim our guest list just because of that.

    This was a BLM campground inside of Canyon Rims recreation area. It was quite a way out of town, but it was beautiful.

  7. Your stuff is amazing. Really.

    I love love LOVE Moab. If my family could make the trip out there, I would SO have my wedding out there.

    There’s a winery out there that I went to last year, I hope you got a chance to go out there. They have a great restaurant with an amazing view.

    Really… beautiful wedding. Beautiful.

    • Was that Red Cliffs? We bought a case of white and a case of red to serve at the wedding. The reds were decent, and the whites were hit or miss, but we really wanted to have everything be locally supplied. We got a few cases from the Moab brewery too.

      • Spanish Valley Vineyards just south of town has surprisingly good wines if anyone’s looking for something local.

  8. Ok, so I can't tell: is your hair dyed blue, or is that a fascinator, or both?

  9. Fantastic!! I am also planning a unique Moab wedding for next year. Your story is great inspiration to having a fun and enjoyable non-traditional event.

    We are putting all the pieces together now for our 10/10/10 wedding and I also am a big fan of the dress you created – amazing!

  10. We're just in the initial stages of considering a Moab wedding and seeing pictures of your wedding have only stoked the fires!

    Who officiated your wedding?

  11. Hi Beth, congrats!

    The mayor of Moab, Dave Sakrison, was our officiant. He is a wonderful, wonderful guy who does lots of weddings. He has many ceremonies already written, or you can give him your own. Very flexible and accommodating.

  12. Hi! I came across your pictures as I am planning my own elopement in Moab this spring! I love your pictures, and loved all the tips and pointers I’ve read so far. I hope I’m not too many years late and you no longer check this!

    My only question is, how is the weather? Did you get cold? We’re getting married April 18th, but we live in Florida and have no clue what to expect!!

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