Sexy stormtroopers & the king of all photobombers: 5 unbelievable wedding photos from Mike Allebach

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mike allebach wedding photography

Look at that photo before you. Just look at it! Is this not one of the best bridesmaid photos you've ever seen? I mean there's not just a Stormtrooper, there's a Stormtrooper getting fondled by a bride and her sexy posse all dressed in black. It's like a photo straight from Darth Vader's wedding album!

Speaking of great photos, allow me to show off four more so-awesome-they're-almost-unbelievable photos from longtime sponsor, and friend of the Empire, Mike Allebach. And while we're wrapping our minds around these incredible images, you can also wrap your mind around his special offer to our readers…

Mike Allebach is called The Original Tattooed Bride Photographer by Rock n Roll Bride and The Tattooed Wedding Photographer by Inked Magazine. He works with both tattooed and non-tattooed couples in Philadelphia, Lansdale, Lancaster, North Wales, Brooklyn and Washington D.C.
If I could blow this photo up, frame it, and hang it on my wall as an inspirational poster, I would. The combo of the pretty pretty pearls and the truly-bad-ass tats? It basically sums up our entire ethos here at Offbeat Bride — you do you and don't feel shy about it! And that's Mike Allebach's approach to wedding photography as well.

If you are like any of my clients, the websites you had to wade through contained the same boring, stiff, fake poses over and over. Well, I'm here to make things easier, comfortable and better-er…er.

For some people standing in front of the camera is a bit like the first day of high school… I felt lost and uncomfortable. I didn't know where to sit and or what to do.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe photography seems… stilted or uncomfortable. Overcoming the awkward, camera shy, “I hate photos” moments is my business. Making people feel comfortable and helping them to warm up is what I do best! -from Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Mike Allebach

elmwood park zoo, giraffe, norristown, wedding
You may get so comfortable in front of the camera, that you won't even mind a, quite-possibly, 3500-pound animal messing with you on your wedding day. Yes, my friends, that is a rogue giraffe taking his rightful place as king of all wedding photo bombers. But I can't even be mad at him, and neither could that couple. What an incredible shot!

Women Boudoir
So we've seen that Mike can rock the wedding photos something fierce, but speaking of fierce… did you know he's also an amazing boudoir photographer? (Just checkout this unicorn-protected gallery for a quick rush.) Dude's got an entire kick-ass photography studio in the Philly suburbs where he can help you make sexy magic happen.

Unicorn Hair
I mean… this photos was worth that time-consuming dye job alone! Unicorn hair on fleek. Boudoir photography on FIRE. (Psst: I'll let you in on another sexy secret: If you want extra doses of awesome boudoir photography, you should follow Mike Allebach on Instagram. You can thank me for that tip later.)

awesome wedding photography by Mike Allebach

Do you want to feel like this bride in this moment every time you look at your wedding photos? Of course you do! You probably want to feel like this bride in this moment every damn day. But that's not possible. What IS possible, is having photographer Mike Allebach shoot your wedding with a special discount!


When you book any wedding package, Mike Allebach will throw in a FREE HOUR OF COVERAGE! Just mention that you saw and fell in love with him via Offbeat Bride.

Oh! And if you want to fall in love with Mike Allebach in real life, you should come meethim at the Lovesick Expo in New York. Get your tickets for that love-fest over here. Then head over here to book Mike Allebach to get your own unbelievable wedding photos.

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