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The non religious two officiant wedding ceremony script youve been looking for alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Nothing makes your best friends smirk more than when you start crying like a baby while they're marrying you. (Photo by Wild About You Photography)

The first wedding Mike and I ever went to had two officiants. Each officiant was a very close family friend to each of the people getting married. So while we were watching them tie the knot, we were also learning SO MUCH about each person as an individual.

In fact, the first time I met that bride and groom was moments after they got married (hi, I'm the new girlfriend and date for the evening) but I went home feeling like I'd known them for years.

Then it was time for us to get married… The wedding was going to be at his mother's house, the guest list was mostly his friends, and when Mike mentioned that his brother-in-law was kind of (okay completely) the best choice to marry us, I balked a bit. The wedding already so very intrenched in Mike's whole world, and now even the officiant would be from his family? I started to feel like I'd be an outsider at my own wedding. That's when we both immediately thought of the first wedding we ever went to, and decided that a TWO wedding was the way to go . One from his “side”: His brother-in-law. And one from my side: My best friend who's like a brother to me.

The problem became that almost every wedding ceremony script you'll find when you search for a “two officiant wedding ceremony” will be religious. But if you're not inviting any of The Gods to your wedding, you might be interested in reading through our ceremony script…

(Keep in mind we're foodies and our wedding was slightly Game of Thrones-themed, so pardon any and all foodstagram references, TV show puns, and spoilers!)


Officiant One: Good afternoon and welcome to The Redwood Wedding. Spoiler alert: This Red(wood) Wedding has a better ending than the George R.R. Martin version. My name is [officiant's name] and I am [this relation to Partner One]. It is my honor and pleasure to be here with you today.

Officiant Two: My name is [officiant's name] and I am [this relation to Partner Two]. Today, we are gathered in this majestic redwood grove to join these two in marriage. The peace and quiet of this place, and stillness of these amazing redwoods, reminds me of how lovely it is to get away from the busy cities from which most of us live. Inspired by this breathtaking view and couple, we ask that you put down your cameras and turn off your cell phones and spend some time unplugged with us, here, now, and in the moment.

Officiant One: You may find that request ironic, considering that Megan posts pictures of weddings for a living and Mike photographs every bowl of cereal he eats…


Officiant Two: Mike and Megan wanted us to express and recognize how much all of you mean to them. They are deeply appreciative of your presence here today, distance you have traveled, and your commitment to their strong relationship in the years to come.

Officiant One: And look around you, Mike and Megan, at those who are here and present in this moment to surround you with their love. Your friends, family and beloved dog bestow so much love upon you two, individually and together.

Officiant Two: But we do want to pause and honor those who are unfortunately not with us today, especially Mike’s father Alan, whom we lost just a few weeks ago. Although we never stop grieving for those who have passed, we do find ways to be happy again, like by being here today to witness this union. Just as we bask in the happiness of Mike and Megan, so do we remember our loved ones. Please join us in a moment of silence.


Thank you.

About the couple…

Officiant One: By now, we all know that Mike and Megan found each other at a Game of Thrones viewing party and podcast. While that show has few romantic relationships that we would encourage them to emulate, it sparked a conversation and gave them an instant connection and outlet for their immense inner fantasy loving geekiness.

Officiant Two: The night they met would lead to amazing meals, game nights, wine tastings, and world travel… At each turn, they have schemed, researched, planned, and sprung into their shared adventures, hand in hand.

Officiant One: If you know Megan, you can attest that her, loyalty, support, intoxicating bubbliness, unapologetic nerdiness, marvelous wit and sense of adventure have known no bounds. [Include some super personal adventure stories here.]

And through it all, Megan has always had my back and I am honored to have hers. And Mike, the fact that you so cherish Megan’s larger-than-life personality and appreciate every ounce of her being, forever reassures me that you will always have her back as well, and I couldn’t imagine her heart being in any better hands.

Officiant Two: A juggler’s hands at that! I met Mike when I started dating his sister (thanks for being cool about that, by the way). Back then, and still today, his sister calls him her “best friend.” That may sting to some of you in the audience, who want to claim Mike as YOUR best friend. Honestly, can we all agree that Mike is everybody’s best friend?! [Include some more super personal friendship stories here.]

Now that Mike has found Megan, they will forever explore our world together.

Officiant One: Supported by this audience, together, you’re an unstoppable force. It is inspiring to watch you fulfill and chase your dreams and support each other endlessly, all while snapping that golden hour selfie, while enjoying Old Fashioned’s, as your ten-course meal is on its way. You two set a beautiful example for the rest of us.

The 7 ingredients ceremony

Officiant Two: While neither Mike nor Megan may yet be a master in the kitchen, they do know that a great meal, like a great relationship, requires the right ingredients.

Officiant One: Jewish weddings include a traditional prayer known as the Seven Blessings. But Mike and Megan, never ones to be conventional, have asked friends and family to bless them with 7 ingredients instead. They’re Kosher, right Mike?!?


Officiant One: So there you have it — seven ingredients to bless this union. If these ingredients could make a cake, then now it’s time for the frosting: Mike and Megan’s intentions to each other

[Partner One's vows]

Partner Two's person: Mike, do you have a rebuttal?

[Partner Two's vows]

Ring exchange

Officiant Two: Having expressed their intentions to spend the rest of their lives together, Mike and Megan have chosen to embody that commitment in rings that they will each wear. There are many metaphors for the wedding ring — an unbroken circle, a gift of valuable metal, a token of one’s love. I like to think of it as something that represents another person that is with you at all times. The comforting presence of your other half.

Officiant One: Mike, please place this ring on Megan’s finger and repeat after me.
“Megan, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side, and that I will always be your partner.”

Officiant Two: Megan, please place this ring on Mike’s finger and repeat after me.
“Mike, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side, and that I will always be your partner.”

Pronouncement and kiss

Officiant One: Now that Mike and Megan have pledged their love and exchanged rings in the company of their family and friends, it is our greatest pleasure to proclaim that, by the power vested in us by the State of California, we now pronounce you husband and wife.

Officiant Two: Perhaps you would like to begin your marriage with a kiss?

Ladies and gentlemen of the Redwood Wedding, please join us in congratulating Mike and Megan Horowitz!

That's our two officiant wedding ceremony! We'd love to read yours. Share your wedding ceremony in the comments…

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  1. We had two officiants due to necessity. Our state does not recognize online ordinations so the friend we wanted to marry us did the majority of the ceremony and then our ordained officiant simply watched the whole thing, stood up, and did the pronouncement. Our officiant was a mutual friend so we didn’t have the concern about him knowing one of us better than the other, but I think it’s a great idea to have two so that one partner doesn’t feel left out!
    We let our officiant say pretty much whatever he wanted and he made a GoT reference that we totally didn’t get at the time because we hadn’t started watching the show! He said “Welcome to what I’m sure will be the most memorable wedding since season 3 of Game of Thrones.” Now that we’ve seen the Red Wedding we finally get the joke!

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