TSA tips for traveling to your destination wedding or honeymoon

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TSA tips for traveling to your destination wedding or honeymoon
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If you've been gearing up to travel to your destination wedding or to your honeymoon, you might be getting antsy about the extensive lines at airport security lately. I even recently forced my partner get TSA pre-checked for an upcoming flight. Poor dude had no choice. Traveling can be stressful enough without that hassle, so here are some TSA tips that should make it as easy as it can be.

Get TSA Pre-checked

This was the best $85 I've spent on travel so far. After spending what seemed like an eternity in a security line, I now almost always get to speed past everyone, keep my jacket and shoes on, keep my 3-1-1 liquids and laptop in my bag, and skip the hassle entirely. Register here to get pre-checked. You'll need a passport or other documentation, an appointment at your local pre-check office (it took me ten minutes, max!), and a few days or weeks to get approved. Then you're set for five years! (Note: it's not in every airport and every airline, but it does cover a lot.)

Know what's prohibited

The TSA provides a list of no-no items, so you won't get held up bringing big liquids or weird items onto the plane. I was surprised by a few of the items you actually can bring: common lighters, scissors (4 inches or less), and short tools (7 inches or less).

Dress for ease of security

If you're not TSA pre-checked, make sure to wear shoes that slip easily on and off, keep the metal jewelry in your bag, and maybe even consider a TSA-approved bag so you won't have to remove your laptop.

Use the wait time to prepare

Start getting ready for the screening while you're waiting in line. Remove your laptop from non-TSA-approved bags, take off your shoes, belts, and jacket. Remove your belt, watch, thick jewelry, money, keys, and cell phone. But I know I get a little jumpy in line, so don't let anxiety get the best of you. It's all good.

TSA tips for traveling to your destination wedding or honeymoon
Yep, even lightsaber knives aren't allowed…

Check your cake knife

If you'll be packing a special cake knife, remember that it's actually a knife and that it'll need to be checked or mailed separately. But you're okay to bring wired bouquets, rice, bird seed, sand, and similar ceremony stuff.

Don't wrap gifts ahead of time

Bringing gifts for your wedding crew? Wait to wrap them until you get to your destination in case they require any additional screening… and unwrapping.

DO keep your jewelry and expensive stuff in your carry-on

Don't put anything valuable in your checked luggage, including jewelry, your medications, and anything else you definitely can't lose.

Take your marriage license with you

Take your marriage license with you in the event you booked your plane tickets in your married name but haven’t updated your driver’s license.

Know how to transport your dress

We've got tips for transporting your dress without hassle, too. Check it out…

Did we miss any essential tips? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If you’re traveling internationally, an extra $15 on top of the $85 Pre-Check fee will get you Global Entry, which makes customs lines a lot shorter when returning to the US and also can expedite entry to Canada and Mexico, if you happen to be going there on your honeymoon.

    • Absolutely THIS! If you may be going to at least 1 international trip, it’s totally worth getting Global Entry instead of Pre-Check, especially since it comes WITH precheck (domestic or international). You can apply online at:

      I found it really helpful on my trip to and from Japan. Also, if you are worried about overhead space, you can usually pay $30-ish at the check-in counter for priority boarding (this works with American).

      Also, also, if you are going to Japan talk to your hotel /ryokan desk about “TA-Q-Bin” / “Takkyubin” / “takuhaibin” which is a luggage delivery service where you can forward your luggage to your next hotel / ryokan for a reasonable fee and it arrives there promptly (usually 24 hours, sometimes less if within the same city). They will usually fill out the forms for you and then tell you the total. Used this with our souvenir cases all during my month-long trip with eight stops all over Japan and it went perfectly. I wish all countries did this!!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I am an officer with TSA, and so many times we see bridal parties and guests disappointed because they did not plan properly for flights. You’re most likely to see major traffic between 0400 and 0800 each morning (business travelers’ peak time), so allot even MORE time than you normally would for those super early travels. Even at the small rural airport I work for, wait times can often get up to and past 45 minutes.

    Another addition I would like to add: careful of your wedding favor choices if you have a lot of long-distance attendees! My team once had to throw away an entire bucket of engraved pocket knives from one wedding and a second bucket of homemade strawberry jam from another. As a fellow offbeat fiancé, this made me so sad to see!

  3. If you’re traveling outside the US, remember that “TSA” doesn’t operate the same in every country. When you take off from that country, you’re following their restrictions, not the US ones. In some cases, they are more stringent.

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