I just found out about this amazing little place here in the Seattle area: Treehouse Point, a tiny little resort where you can stay in a treehouse.

or get married in one. The words intimate treehouse wedding make me want to dance around in fairy wings with a sword fern wand (maybe it's a Pacific Northwest thing?) but seriously: go look at the pictures.


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  1. We’re staying in a treehouse for our honeymoon too! Somewhere in Maryland, I believe (the groom booked it, not me!), but this is so beautiful!

    • Hi Kristin,

      If you can tell me where you are staying that would be great! I am looking into a Maryland treehouse wedding. Thanks!

  2. oh my goodness this is so so pretty!
    i just love how the color scheme matches the environment, and how elegantly earthy is all is!
    now i want one!

  3. Oh my God!! I’m in love with this place, it makes me want to rethink my entire wedding, But this is a definite contender for the honeymoon!

  4. Oh… my… (insert higher power or principle of your choice)…

    This is definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. And the pictures make it truly poetic. Wow.


  5. I love the vast majority of the weddings on here…. but this one absolutely took my breath away. That is one awesome venue!

  6. Very beautifully done wedding style!! I love the pictures and the area is awesome as well! Im getting married in a park and is surrounded by tress I hope to get pretty pictures like yours! Congrats to you!

  7. My husband and I stayed at the Cedar Creek Treehouse by Mt. Rainier for part of our honeymoon in 2007! Treehouses ROCK!

  8. This place is awesome – my hubby & I stayed here for two nights for our mini-honeymoon the wknd after our wedding. It’s in Fall City and we thought of hosting an afterparty here, but the place is expen$$ive to rent the entire joint. Maybe another time when we have more $ for another celebration.

    But I definitely recommend staying for a relaxing, peaceful weekend getaway!

  9. This ALONE makes me want to move back to Seattle! That and all the other wonderful reasons to go back to the pacific northwest!

  10. Oh my god. PLEASE let me tell you about my experience with this place. First fell in love with THP when my fiance heard about their zoning issues on radio. Tried to contact them several times via email and FINALLY got a response to show us the place. FELL IN LOVE with it in person- it is very beautiful and amazing place- and got a verbal quote of $2900 for 8 hours plus the cost of catering and lodging which you had to use their caterer. I didnt care. I was in love and needed to be married here. I tried to contact them about 10 times in 3 months and finally, 9 months before our wedding date, I recieved contact and we set the date. Then, months later I recieve the “contract” in which they had upped the price to $7500 plus the cost of lodging and catering. $7500? that was most of my budget and I had clearly heard $2900. So had my fiance. I lost it. Cried for days and tried to get into contact with the GM. Never had gotten the chance to talk to the owners as their GM had always been our contact. I called, tried to be calm and asked for an explaination. What I was told was that they found that they werent being competetitive enough with other venues and that if we wanted to give up our date that there was a waiting list and our spot would be filled. I was furious, flabergasted, disgusted, empty and freaking out because this was my dream. He tried to work with me offering a couple of nights free and to use an optional caterer but the jump of 4500 had taken everything else from me- my dress, photographer, flowers, our caterer, the booze- everything else. I couldnt do it. I was so disgusted at the service I had recieved. When I told him that I was so dissatisfied, he explained it was not his descision and he was not the owners and that he was sorry but that didnt make up for the horrible taste i now had in my mouth. I was devestated. He offered us a free night but I’ll never give them any money or time again. What a nightmare. All of that work for nothing- all the unanswered emails and no response after I was told I’d recieve one. I work for a small business, my mother is a business owner and this was the worst customer service I had ever recieved. It’s really too bad that a place this magical belongs to such horrible owners. We have found a new place which was $1500 for the whole day, family owned and operated and treating us with the utmost respect.

    Good luck to any of you who would have to deal with these people.

  11. My Fiance and I will be married at Treehouse Point this August. The site is incredible, but limited to small wedding parties. They do allow outside catering now, which is fantastic. Because they are relatively new, I think they are working out some of the kinks so to speak. Russell, the GM is a really nice guy, if a bit hard to get in touch with at times. This site is not for control freaks! Nor is it for “foo-foo pretty pretty princess” girls and guys who have dreamed of their wedding since they were 2. We decided not to stay overnight as you must rent the entire facility, coming in at a wopping $1,100! I was shocked after reading Meg’s post. Although, I would have been amazed to find a location as beautiful as THP that included ceremony and reception, full catering and overnight accommodations–that’s a bit unrealistic. Too bad it didn’t work out. I’ll let everyone know what my full experience is when it’s all said and done! Cheers!

  12. I’m going to go ahead and close comments on this post, as the comments section of OBB isn’t really suited to debates about businesses and services.

  13. Oh, good, comments are on. THP was incredible for our wedding. The service was great, prices not unreasonable, venue fantastic. Friends and family have all told us that the experience at THP was magical, and I, the groom agree. The THP team put in 110%. Read more about our wedding here

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