Til Death Do Us Ink: 12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos

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I have a confession to make: I am a tattooed woman and I am not afraid to show off the work that I paid good money for! While I may not speak for all inked goddesses, it seems fairly safe to assume that those who have committed themselves to tattoos have a little pride about the art that adorns their bodies. I mean, can you blame us for rocking the hell out of gorgeous wearable art? Not to mention, it has become much more acceptable to have tattoos today than it was even ten years ago.

A wedding is one of the rare times when you get to dress up, eat cake, and have a lot of folks stare at you — the perfect excuse to bask in who you truly are by looking like a one of a kind badass for a day.

Whether you're full on Suicide Girl status with head to toe tattoos, or just want to make your partner swoon with a sneaky tease of your favorite piece, there are an infinite number of dresses for a tattoo-friendly wedding. And even though the dresses you're about to see aren't just for those with ink (anyone can rock these styles!), these 12 wedding dresses are extra perfect for showing off some tattooed skin. Of course, not all these models are inked, but the styles are solid!

Wedding dresses for chest tattoos

Any bride can go for a mermaid-style dress on her wedding dress, but a bride who has the guts to make their chest a tattoo focal point may have just found the dress of her dreams. This violet mermaid number from KMK Designs is perfect for a bride seeking drama in a dress. The deep sweetheart neckline would nicely compliment an elegant black and grey design on the clavicle.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Maybe you're more on the fiery side. The Josephina dress by Wai Ching may have you feeling like an inked-up Katniss Everdeen a la her infamous flaming dress.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Of course, not every bride is looking for a dress quite so modern, which is why the Stecchino dress by Jill Andrews makes the cut. This old Hollywood-style dress is a little bit Marilyn, a tad Audrey, but why not throw in some Rihanna edginess with the cheeky blend of tattoos and ivory?

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Wedding dresses for sleeve tattoos

For the bride looking to shamelessly show off a little tattoo arm candy, a dress that lets your sleeve tats out to play is a must. Wai Ching tops our list again, but now let's discuss the Catalan dress. This flowing halter gown offers great display of any arm tattoos, but the elegant silk halter and on-trend ombre are optimal for a faerie-meets-Manic Panic bride.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

The dress next in line calls herself Yasmin and comes from Catherine Deane at a&bé Bridal. A find for those looking to walk the line of floral appliqué fantasy and Kat Von D inked appeal, this dress is a soft look for an ultra-cool bride. The plunging neckline and open back make this dress ideal for brides with tattoos in multiple locations and the curve-emphasizing silhouette is splendid for a modified spin on Jessica Rabbit.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Then again, there's no such thing as too much sparkle, and a tattooed girl may go full crystal mermaid in this dress by Blue Velvet Vintage. With its high embellished neckline and delicately beaded back, this dress works for a Gatsby girl or a biker babe.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Dresses for Back Tattoos

There's nothing like the understated sex appeal of the back, and these next dresses are sure to have you crankin' the Sir Mix a Lot. The Molly dress from Martin McCrea may appear innocent and demure, but don't let this frock fool you. An open back worthy of some true ink display is what you're in for.

Dress 7

But maybe you always saw yourself wearing something a bit more organic. The Persephone gown from Tara Lynn Bridal is fitting for a Bohemian bride. This hemp and organic silk gown offers a peek-a-boo to a back tattoo and proves that sometimes it takes a little white for a smashingly green wedding.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Another ecologically savvy number that'll really rev your Nissan Leaf's engine is a standout by Conscious Elegance. The classic corseted back of this dress allows for the showcase of tattoos on the shoulders while the reclaimed silk, vintage brocade, and organic cotton will have you feeling satisfied in going sustainable.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Dresses for Leg Tattoos

“You got red lips. Snakes in your eyes. Long legs, great thighs,” so why the hell not show 'em off on your wedding day? Let's start off with a dress from KMK Designs, which could only be described as an ensemble fit for a steampunk fairy princess. This tea-length ombre dress is unlike any dress you'd find in a wedding magazine, and the feminine hem-length allows for a sneak peak of colorfully tattooed calves.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Another dress from KMK Designs that's perfect for a tattooed bride seeking to flaunt her stems, this Grimm and gothic vampire dress allows for a macabre bride to show off a thigh piece with a cleverly daring slit. Not for the faint of heart, this black number is essential for a fearless bride, and the classic corset brings out the Morticia Addams within.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

Finally, to complete this collection of gowns fit for tattooed brides, we find ourselves journeying back to Wai Ching with the Verbena dress. Reminiscent of a hairstyle that should definitely be left to the cast of Wayne's World, this mullet dress — or as it is more popularly called, high-low hemmed dress — gives a glimpse of leg without sacrificing the twirl-worthy elegance of a long train. Let's not forget that the purple fade is a great way to tie your wedding colors into your ensemble without hitting your guests over the head with your theme.

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on @offbeatbride

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    • It’s a dress that was extremely modified by the bride. The front was cut away so her legs were visible. She may sell it if you are interested.

      • I can see that it is custom made – but is it a dress made by a specific designer? If so – which one?

        • The bride says:

          “That’s me! I modified a vintage wedding dress. I took inspiration from an Alexander McQueen gown and the dress Stephanie Seymour wore in the November Rain video.”

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