Bedazzle your ink for the wedding day

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Erika blinged out her fabulous dragonfly tattoos with little rhinestones, making them rival the most fancy-pants of accessories. In the wholly opposite direction to covering up your ink, adding cheap as free rhinestones is a pretty bad-ass way to embrace your tattoos and look a little more shiny in general.

Buy some bulk rhinestones and get to blinging! Oh, and check out all 48 gorgeous pages of our tattooed brides tag archive. Yeeeah, we kind of like our ink.

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Comments on Bedazzle your ink for the wedding day

  1. What a cute idea! I wish I had thought of this… But a great idea for going out to other special occasions, too.

  2. I wanted to do something like this with glue on stones and gold eyeshadow to the henna I had for my son’s wedding but ran out of time.
    it looks completely awesome!

  3. What do people use to glue the rhinestones on so they stay put all day long (but come off eventually)?

  4. Ooooh I was thinking about painting mine with body glitter, this might also go well with that.

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