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led wedding dress alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Get your glow on with these LED wedding ideas including a light-up wedding dress!

We shared an awesomely weird Austin wedding that featured an LED wedding dress among other glowing accessories. If you too are jonesing to relive your raver days with some glow-in-the-dark wedding accessories, here are some dazzling LED wedding ideas to bring some light to your outfit.

Screw chair covers: your fantasy wedding needs CHAIR WINGS!

Screw chair covers: your fantasy wedding needs CHAIR WINGS!

Lori and Josh had one of our best fantasy weddings ever with warriors meeting fairies in an epic love story arc. Yep, that happened. But one detail that kicked our collective asses was their chair cover alternative: CHAIR WINGS! Yep, they put little wings on the chairs and we fell in fairy love immediately.

Don't miss the gold tutu dress at this forest festival wedding

Don’t miss the gilded gold tutu dress at this forest festival wedding

Anna and Zack celebrated their wedding with camping, costumes, fairy wings, and surrounded by nature and their loved ones. They dubbed it a “Union Festival” and invited their guests to join them for a full weekend of camping and dancing. Anna’s short gold dress shined like she was a warrior princess. Are you ready for this forest festival wedding?

We're fantasizing about this warrior meets fairy wedding

We’re fantasizing about this warriors meet fairies wedding

Lori and Josh planned their warriors meet fairies wedding with so much style. The story went as follows, “A mismatched group of warriors (the groomsmen) got lost in their travels during a storm and stumbled into the forest of the fairies (the wedding reception and ceremony). And the war chief fell in love with one of the fairies and so a wedding was called for.” With mismatched decor of clocks, water pitchers, bird cages, old books, and candelabras, they made a lovely setup for the makeshift wedding.

Launch yourself into the magic of this serene Redwoods forest wedding

Launch yourself into the magic of this enchanted forest wedding

Katy and Seth’s serene Redwood wedding at Stones and Flowers had magical fairy details that made it a seriously gorgeous enchanted forest wedding. Think fairy wings, a glowing forest setting, tiny fairy flower girls, seriously lush florals, and a cameo from a familiar forest creature in the background.

A magically anime meets Alice dress that gives us ALL the happy chills

Alice meets anime with this custom dress giving us ALL the happy chills

Megan and Dale had an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding with touches of anime, manga, gaming, and general geekery. One detail that really made the neck hair tingle was Megan’s gorgeous, custom dress (wings and butterflies included!). The photo of the guests reacting was our reaction, too. Cue mouth agape emoji! Let’s hear how Megan describes it…