Get your glow on with these LED wedding ideas including a light-up wedding dress!

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LED wedding jacket
LED jacket from YourMindYourWorld. This jacket is SOUND-REACTIVE and MOBILE APP OPERATED… with 16 MILLION COLORS
to choose from. Can you imagine rocking this LED wedding jacket at your reception!? Imagine the pictures!

We shared an awesomely weird Austin wedding that featured an LED wedding dress among other glowing LED wedding accessories. If you too are jonesing to relive your raver days with some glow-in-the-dark LED wedding ideas, this is the roundup for you. Here are some dazzling LED wedding accessories that bring some light to your outfit.

Glow-worm power, ignite!

LED wedding tiara

LED wedding flower crown
LED Crown Tiara from SpiritTribeShop

LED wedding bow tie

LED wedding accessories
LED Glowing Pocket Square & Bow Tie from Illuminated Couture

LED wedding shoelaces

LED wedding Shoelaces
LED Shoelaces from NightlifeDomination

LED wedding earrings

LED wings

Imagine walking into your wedding reception in your gorgeous wedding dress… AND THEN THESE LED WEDDING WINGS!

LED wedding wings
Pricey but amazing LED Wedding Wings

LED wedding flower crown

LED wedding dress

LED wedding veil

Ride away on light-up bikes!

LED accessories
Bike lights from ColorBikeLights

More LED wedding accessories in action:

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