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Customize a Bachelorette Box with the gifts, favors, and party decor you want (no penis straws required!)

Instead of ye olde sashes, how about bachelorette FANNY PACKS?!

Are you planning to have a bachelorette party? Are you already dreading having to sift through SO many cheap and gross products to attempt to make said party fun? I do not envy you there, my friend. It’s a jungle full o’ penis-shaped things out there. But fear not: we know a killer place to snag high-quality, non-cliche, actually useful gifts and favors that your wedding party can all love. It’s one of our favorite partners, Bachelorette Box.

fggffg alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Could your BFF say no to these funny wedding party invitations?

Say it with love, say it with beer, say it with mock threat (which ya’ll know is totally fake!), or even say it with chocolate… there’s always a kick-ass way to ask your wedding party crew to be by your side for all of the shenanigans. These funny wedding party invitations hit all the sweet, silly, and personal spots to honor your relationship. Round up your bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesguys, groomsgirls, and all those you love most and invite them to be a part of your posse with these funny wedding party invitations.

DIY Adventuring Party Invites alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Propose to your adventuring party with these Medieval scroll invites

We are having a Medieval-themed wedding to show our love on Renaissance Faires, sword fighting, and table top role-playing games. So I designed and made DIY scrolls (with help from my mom) and my fiancé wrote the poem, to invite our friends to be our adventuring party.

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Sailor Moon bridesmaid proposal gifts: Will you fight for love and justice with me?

We recently looked at gender-neutral bridal party proposals. Now let’s look at one that celebrates the girly. Is it any wonder that the bride who brought us the manga engagement party created the Sailor Moon bridesmaid gift?

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Gender-neutral bridal party invitation boxes

I was super-inspired by Offbeat Bride’s post about the “Bridal Sidekick” boxes. The term is perfect for my bridal party because I have a guy in the party, and I wanted to stay gender neutral so everyone feels loved. I also wanted the box to exemplify the tone of the wedding.

RkPWiGo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Will you be our Companions?: Whovian wedding party proposal boxes

These wedding party proposal boxes were loosely based off the idea of those cute “Be My Maid” boxes that regularly pop up on Pinterest, as well as the awesome spin-offs I’ve seen on Offbeat Bride. Since we are having a Doctor Who wedding, the boxes had to be Whovian.