Gender-neutral bridal party invitation boxes

Guest post by Meganwins

Bridalboxes- Credit Megan Nash

I was super-inspired by Offbeat Bride's post about the “Bridal Sidekick” boxes. The term is perfect for my bridal party because I have a guy in the party, and I wanted to stay gender neutral so everyone feels loved.

I also wanted the box to exemplify the tone of the wedding, so I added:

  • A book of Mad Libs
  • Some snarky candy
  • A custom bottle of wine
  • A hot pink cork-screw
  • A flask that corresponded with each personality (important for sneaking booze into my wine and beer wedding)
  • And a scroll containing a FAQ sheet about the wedding, and a page with a picture of each Bridal Sidekick with a paragraph about why they are awesome.
  • I also included tickets I bought them for the Lovesick Expo. [Editor's Note: Not too late to take your bridal party to the Lovesick's in Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver!]

Bridal Flasks- Credit Megan Nash
I spent months searching for the perfect flasks for each person. The hardest one to find was a manatee flask for the Maid of Honor. I was lucky to find them all on Etsy, many of them one of a kind and hand made.

Bridal Sidekick Bottle- Credit Megan NashFor the wine bottles, I was inspired by this post, and used Oxy Clean to remove the label, and a glue stick to adhere my home printed label. It came out marvelous.

Bridalboxes- Credit Megan NashThe boxes were $2 memory boxes from the craft store, but they were sturdy and colorful. I lined them with tissue paper and added all the goodies.

I was excited that they all happily accepted and we emptied all six wine bottles to celebrate.

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Comments on Gender-neutral bridal party invitation boxes

  1. I’m lucky enough to be the recipient of one of these boxes! We drink wine and play Mad Libs all the time together, so this box was absolutely perfect. This wedding is going to be full of crazy stuff like this and I never thought I’d be so excited and honored to be asked to be in someone’s wedding party. I can’t wait!!!

    Also, as someone who is not planning a wedding, Lovesick was still an AWESOME experience. We got there early, checked out all the vendors, then grabbed a seat to watch the band, circus and burlesque show. There’s not many other places where men on stilts will ask you to dance (and they’re really good at it)!

  2. I did a similar gender neutral thing. Got boxes for each of my bridespeople, added a glass mug, two mini bottles of rum in a lil giftbag, a recipe for hot buttered rum, and a note card that said “Will you be my bridesperson?”. It went over really well, because who doesn’t like to get alcohol (except for recovering alcoholics, I guess), and I have to still ask my last person so I’m sure he’ll be excited.

  3. These are brilliant! Oh man, I would drink so much more if I had a Hylian Shield flask!

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