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Why the Wedding Industrial Complex’s “helpful” lists burn my biscuits

Oh, hi there, Wedding Industry. So we meet again. Mind if we sit down? I’d like to have a little chat with you. I don’t like this trend of “funny” and “helpful” wedding planning “articles.” Those sarcastic, mean-spirited articles that are meant to be “helpful tips” to new brides talking about how much wedding planning sucks and if you don’t feel bad about yourself and your life while you’re planning your wedding, you should hate yourself. Oh, Wedding Industry, I know you think they’re funny. But they’re not. They’re passive aggressive and mean-spirited and downright hurtful.

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What bridal magazines can do to ANYONE

How does this video only have 75 views? We don’t normally share sketch videos, but this one is about about how, sometimes, guys can get way more sentimental about wedding planning than girls. Give the video two minutes, and behold the full-frontal mind-fuck that bridal magazines can pull on ANYONE. “Ooh, this one looks like a grotto! Like a magical fairy mermaid grotto…”

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Wedding junk mail: When life gives you garbage, make confetti!

With my marketing and public relations background, I really should have known that once I started calling vendors, my name would wind up on someone’s mailing list. For the last several weeks, I have been receiving regular junk mail from my area’s WIC staple vendors. So I’ve come up with several solutions of what to do with all that gross junk mail…

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Ditch the wedding propaganda: tv shows, magazines, and (gasp!) even Pinterest

I have sworn off all wedding-related things. Or, at least, things not related directly to my wedding. This includes TV shows, magazines, The Knot, and any other website that makes me have unrealistic expectations of my nuptials. This “wedding propaganda,” as I have so lovingly been calling it, has only overwhelmed me, smothered my own voice inside my head, and made me feel inadequate in the planning and execution of my own wedding. This is unacceptable.

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How do you say yes to your dress when there’s no teary-eyed “this is it!” moment?

Everyone who has watched “Say Yes to the Dress” knows about the expected “ah-hah” moment in the bridal dress salon. But what happens when that, well, doesn’t happen? How do you know to say yes to that dress?

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A peek behind the scenes of an Offbeat Bride on a wedding reality show

We’ve talked about reality TV before: Why you shouldn’t watch them and what they’re getting wrong. This time we bring you sneak peak of the reality behind being an Offbeat Bride ON a reality show. Find out what happened behind the scenes when a Tribesmaid with an Atompunk theme wedding showed up.