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Why I'm putting down the wedding clickbait

Why I’m putting down the wedding clickbait

It’s not too long now until the love of my life and I get married and promise to tolerate one another until one of us dies, and I have reached the conclusion that I need to stop reading wedding clickbait. They’re making anything other than a courthouse wedding seem ill-advised. You know that I wasn’t ready for?

“What’s your wedding hashtag going to be?”

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Why read wedding blogs?

Why are you here right now? If the data I have is accurate, chances are pretty good that you’re looking for wedding ideas (you KNOW we have a million for you to steal) or trying to get inspired. Neither of these are especially surprising, right? I see the same cycle happen every year, with a wave of freshly engaged folks flooding in looking for ideas and inspiration… and then at a certain point being like “Oh my god, I’m overwhelmed with ideas! I have too much inspiration! I need to stop looking at wedding inspo and start, like, actually getting some shit done.”

But let’s talk over all the other reasons you might be reading…

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The 3 stages of planning a wedding with Pinterest

Putting Pinterest into the hands of a confused and overwhelmed bride or groom is like putting alcohol into the hands of someone who’s never had a drink and not warning them about having too much. I know that seems dramatic, and yes it is, BUT it’s not far from the truth. There are three main feelings Pinterest can evoke, each of which can tip you over the edge. I’m hoping that this will serve as “The Talk” and help you navigate what can be an amazing aide to a great night, or the biggest hangover.

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Pinterest wedding fever: When DIY (dried lavender and glitter paint) overshadows the wedding

When Pinterest was invented, it was created to share ideas — which is dandy! I still love to use Pinterest for that. But when it comes to things in our lives that we believe we are judged for (money, career, weddings), Pinterest can become a social peacocking site.

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Why I am glad Offbeat Bride is my main exposure to wedding media

Unfortunately, there is no other website like the this one. No one provides the no bullshit point of view that you get here. When someone on other wedding blogs says “Your wedding is wrong!” they aren’t saying it in a “but that’s totally okay, and who cares” sort of way, like you get here.

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Do you hide your wedding media before you’re actually engaged?

I was wondering if anyone has tackled the question of having wedding paraphernalia (e.g. magazines, etc.) in the home of a pre-engaged couple, if said couple has talked about marriage. Just curious if there are thoughts on etiquette. I have two camps of friends Those that think I shouldn’t hide anything and if I feel the need to, there’s something wrong. And those that say “Don’t show him! You’ll scare him!” I’m curious to know everyone’s thoughts on this topic.