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Indian Wells Wedding

Check out the cake-matching manicure at this Indian Wells wedding

We held our Indian Wells wedding at the Sands Hotel – it’s so uniquely beautiful, we didn’t need to decorate!

dearly beloved sign as seen on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Dearly beloved: using Prince in your wedding ceremony

Our ceremony was non-religious (we wrote our own vows), and performed by a dear friend who got ordained via the internet. The ceremony kicked off with our officiant reading the intro lyrics to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”…

A horseback ceremony(!) at this misty horse ranch wedding with DIY for days

Marry a man who understands feminism: A feminist wedding reading

One of the most challenging aspects of organising our wedding for me and my wife was finding a reading that reflected our mutual values around feminism. I spent hours searching around for a reading to include during the ceremony…

Our favorite gender neutral and feminist wedding readings

10 gender neutral and feminist-friendly wedding readings for your rad wedding ceremony

When searching for weddings readings for your LGBT wedding, feminist wedding, or just a wedding where you want to embrace gender neutral terms, it can be TOUGH. There’s a lot of gendered wedding rituals and readings to dodge in your search. We found a fair few readings that empower everyone. Let’s see what gender neutral and feminist wedding readings we found…

The giant list of non-barfworthy love poems for weddings

The giant list of non-barfworthy love poems for weddings

We love us a good non-cheesy love poem that makes our arm hair stand up without triggering the cringe from barf-worthy poems that suck. Good thing we’ve got this list of whimsical, romantic, realistic, profound, and all-around awesome love poems for weddings that will totally up your ceremony game. Let’s get our gorgeous language on with some good ol’ luuuurve in poetry form…

bob ross alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Bob Ross quotes to add some happy little zen to your ceremony

Some of my earliest memories came from my ASMR-filled hours blissing out to Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting. It comes as no surprise to me that the king of zen, the late, great Bob Ross himself, has some mighty quotes from which we can pluck life lessons perfect for wedding vows, readings, and just to chill us out during wedding planning. Let’s grab out proverbial paint brush, beat the devil out it, and read some happy little Bob Ross quotes.