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Caribbean pirate wedding on Halloween

Ships ahoy at a Caribbean pirate wedding on Halloween

Erin and Stephen had a Caribbean pirate wedding on Limetree Beach that we can’t get enough of. What’s a pirate wedding without some multicolored mermaid hair anyway, right? Plus, it was on Halloween and we’re rolling around like happy dogs knee-deep in spooky-themed weddings right now. Their guest dressed as pirates and the officiant even used pirate-speak. Are you ready for this pirate Halloween wedding? Everyone say “YAAAARRR!”

Swashbucklers and bibliophiles will dig this wedding HARD

Swashbucklers and bibliophiles will dig this pirate wedding HARD

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys! Don yer swashbucklin’ gear to witness the nuptials of these here fine land lubbers. Okay, no more pirate talk from me, I promise. But this a good one. Just wait until you see the photo evidence of the history of her dress! It’s throwback city.

Get dat booty at this pirate wedding in Malibu #pirates #wedding

Get dat booty at this pirate wedding in Malibu

The bride, Becky, had told event planner Laura from [heart link=""]Rebel Belle Weddings[/heart] that with her young son and his friends attending, she wanted to do something really fun. Since the venue had a treehouse look, enter the pirate theme! Becky and her partner Jim were married in a tree-filled area with a reception up on wooden plants surrounded by greenery. Don’t miss the tables named after movies, the actual hired pirate entertainment, and the decor of cannons, nets, and treasure.

Pirate wedding in Puerto Rico on @offbeatbride

Sword fights and hot booty: Don’t miss Ashley & Erik’s Caribbean pirate wedding

You guys, we know a good pirate wedding when we see one, and this one brings the house down with its Caribbean locale, amazingly detailed costumes, ACTUAL SWORD FIGHT at the ceremony, super well-crafted pirate-themed decor (including treasure chests), cardboard cut-outs, fire spinners, drunken video guest book, pirate-themed scavenger hunt, and my favorite father/daughter walk down the aisle yet.

Geeky wedding vow ideas from @offbeatbride

Geeky wedding vows – 10 examples from REAL weddings!

Fellow gamers, book-lovers, pop culture fiends, Potterphiles, Browncoats, Tolkien fans, Whovians, and zombie apocalypse fighters, and all other forms of geekdom in need of nerd-tinged, geeky wedding vows… these reader-submitted vows will save the princess in your castle. It’s dangerous to write vows alone… take these.

Tincler Mikulka Beth Hamilton Photography bethhamiltonphotographyblackredgothicpiratewedding0110 low alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Sarah & Dale’s sweet ceremony meets dark, dramatic reception wedding

We love when traditional elements meet personal style. In this case, we’ve got dark, rich details, dramatic decor, quirky socks, a little pirate-ness, and even a cowboy hat. Don’t miss the cake shenanigans and the ultra sweet story of a grandfather remembering his own 50 year marriage.