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This is our collection of weddings where someone identifies as nonbinary or gender-queer. We celebrate all identities and have archives dedicated to transgender weddings, gay weddings, lesbian weddings, and bisexuality — as well as gender identity issues.

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Musings of an almost not-bride

I won’t be an Offbeat Bride soon. In fact, I won’t be any kind of bride, because in a month I’ll be married. And for some reason, that’s making me sad. I don’t want to get into the whole “you should be planning for the marriage not the wedding!” or the politics of wedding vs. marital energy/time/money expenditure. I get that, I assure you. I want to acknowledge what an important and huge part of my life and identity being a bride and having a wedding has been for me, and I’m sure for you too. I want to share this journey, and who I am and have become.

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How to tell your family about your transgender groom

“Both of us previously identified as lesbians … how do I let my guests know that my girlfriend is now my groom?”