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Steampunk burners meet family-friendly party at Liz & Chris’ wedding

Steampunk and burner couples: do you want to incorporate what you love in a conservative-friendly way? This wedding is the perfect model. Don’t miss the copper pipe centerpieces, copper table numbers, cog-shaped favors made of seed paper, steampunk customized Nerf guns and foamboard props for the photobooth, and the amazing cake topper.

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Craft beer and games at Sam & Tony’s geeky carnival wedding

This cute pair may have encountered a little friction on their way to planning this kick-ass geek-meets-carnival wedding, but it certainly didn’t put a damper on the fun. Check out the beer, pizza truck catering, symbolic color handfasting, carnival-style details, D20 kissing game, and funny ceremony ring snafu. Oh, and don’t miss the sweet story about the father/daughter/grandfather dance!

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Amanda & Mark’s elegant, nature-loving, pagan and Christian wedding

If you’re a traditional meets offbeat kinda couple, this wedding might be right up your alley. Sure, they included lots of traditional elements like a white dress, formal attire, and pretty flowers, but just wait until you get a load of the Marauder’s Map programs, fire spinning entertainment, and zoo tram getaway car. Don’t miss the most amazing Labyrinth meets science groom’s cake ever!

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Abigail & Kevin’s candlelit gothic wedding in the woods

Give us some sumptuous dark decor, a lush forest ceremony bathed in candlelight, and a super gorgeous gothic couple who totally know how to put an ensemble together. Add in a few D&D and wizard touches, and we’re all on this geeky-gothic train. Plus, we love any family who is down for anything as long as there’s cake.

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Neil & Amanda’s Renaissance fire and glitter handfasting

These nerdy lovers were seasoned Ren faire folk, so throwing a weekend-long Renaissance celebration complete with a bonfire, live music, hog roast, and fire spinners was a no-brainer. Add in some epic, last-minute garb creation, jewel-toned lanterns, and rings delivered VIA HAWK, and you’ll be loving the historical life. And don’t miss their awesomely hilarious glitter-bombed portraits.

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Marta & Dan’s antique country western wedding

Growing up in auctions, flea markets, and antique-dealing fathers definitely left it’s mark on these repurposing and recycling kids. Like they say, “old trumps new every time!” So an old-fashioned, rural retro wedding was totally in order. Just watch out for the awesome unity ceremony… it’s a little dangerous, but definitely exciting.