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dddd 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

“Sweet you rock & sweet you roll” at this sweets inspired wedding inspiration

This gorgeous couple was celebrating their 15-year wedding anniversary and hadn’t had a wedding photographer at their own wedding all those years ago. It was time to remedy that with this music and sweets inspired wedding inspiration featuring custom drinks, a cute sweetheart table, and a seriously awesome and elaborate ice cream cart(!) and cake table.

This liquid nitrogen ice cream makes science flippin' delicious as seen on @offbeatbride

This liquid nitrogen ice cream bar makes science flippin’ delicious

This LA Mattel toy-themed wedding slayed us with fun details like the bride’s green dress, the vegetable centerpieces, and the toy decor. But one feature we were drooling over was their liquid nitrogen ice cream bar.

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Waffles and chill: 14 essential ice cream bar tips

Look, cake is the tits. But sometimes you just want to shake things up and offer up something a little different, dessert-wise. Enter the ice cream bar! Lillian and Jon’s woodland forest wedding meet kitties wedding featured a most nom-worthy gelato bar for which we wanted to climb into the screen. Let’s look at their bar and learn how you can take your ice cream bar game up to 11.

yellow umbrella bridal photo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A wild and bright DIY circus-themed Canadian wedding complete with streamers and ice cream

Shai and Crystal win at planning: they pulled off their backyard circus-themed wedding in under a month! Family and friends pitched in by building everything from the red-and-white striped tent to the colorful balloon arch. A parade of feathers, bubbles, and a tiny clown ring bearer led Crystal up the polka dot aisle, and guests tossed streamers into the air at the ceremony’s conclusion. These two opted to use the time immediately following the ceremony to snag ice cream and take photos at a baseball park. The night was rounded out with Indian food and barbecue, followed by tie-dyed cupcakes and a skeleton-topped cake.

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Sarah & Tasha’s tattooed and not-strictly-traditional wedding

These ladies successfully merged traditional and offbeat with their lovely white dresses, ice cream bar instead of a cake, mixed-gender (and fashion) wedding party, and eerily similar vows that they didn’t even plan out together! Oh, and wait until you see the adorable twist on the “choose a seat, not a side” sign!

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Cindy & Sam’s geeky bibliophile wedding

We couldn’t resist mentioning the book arch in this gorgeous wedding in recent Monday Montage, and now Cindy’s giving us the whole bibliography. Folded paper and piles of books abound from aisle decor to bouquets, and from a custom cardbox to their signature arch — but you’re also going to love all the subtle nods to geekery. Book-lovers, get our your library cards and check out all the love!