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DnD wedding rings? CHECK! DnD wedding vows? Wedding reception games involving giant inflatable D20 dice? ALSO CHECK. DnD wedding favors? We’ve got those, too.

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21 unique proposal ring boxes that make it WAY harder to say no

Whether you’re planning to propose to your partner who loves D&D, Harry Potter, and Star Wars or your partner who loves rustic wood details and geometric designs, there’s a proposal ring box here for you. And the best part? You can shift this proposal box into a ring box for your ceremony! It’s a two-fer.

Don’t miss the capybara(!) ring box, the blooming flower pop-up box, the seashell box, the acorn box, and the DRAGON EGG box…

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D&D, costumes, & epic music at this heavy metal wedding in Utah

Our wedding theme was Dungeons & Dragons! It's not just a game to us, it's a lifestyle. I have been playing since I was 12 — my dad Dungeon Mastered a group for me and my best girlfriends. Later, I met my husband through D&D. I have developed the most amazing friendships and family relationships through D&D and it only made sense to make it our wedding theme. We even picked character classes for the event. I was a Paladin and Henry was a Wizard…

Roll for initiative at this gamer's dream geek chic wedding

Roll for initiative at this gamer’s dream geek chic wedding

The D&D geek theme started because I had the thought to myself, "you have encountered a wedding ceremony — roll for initiative." We both thought it was funny, and it sort of spiraled from there that all of our favorite nerdy things could be incorporated.

Our jaws dropped when we saw this geek adventure wedding

Our jaws dropped when we saw this geek adventure wedding (on a budget!)

We had a geek adventure wedding theme, incorporating a few of our favorite things in every way we could (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, The Elder Scrolls, Dungeons & Dragons, The Princess Bride, Game of Thrones, Firefly, New World Magischola, and more). We encouraged everyone to come in costume (and most did! With props!), and we made wands as favors, as well as rheoscopic fluid potion bottles, dragon eggs, and all of the food (from our fandoms).

When books meet RPGs: a book nerds wedding to tickle your dice

When books meet RPGs: a book nerds wedding to tickle your dice

“As soon as we started researching bookish wedding ideas, we saw a book arch and knew we HAD to have one. The bookish theme just sort of snowballed from there.” Oh yes, it did! This pair latched onto the book theme and made it truly amazing. Just wait until you see their awesome glass-clinking idea, too. This is a book nerds wedding for the… books. Ahem.

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Get SLAIN by this black dragon scale dress

Winter is coming, my friends. Good thing we found this epic black dragon scale dress for any bride or bridesmaid who wants to be Mother of Dragons at the wedding. Subtle shiny dragon scales, a deep v-neck, a killer collar, and a puddle train — tell me this isn’t divine. If you’ll be forgoing a white dress, this black number can go goth, geeky, or just plain snazzy.