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Dealing with wedding planning conflict sucks — especially when it’s family drama. These are our wedding advice posts all about helping you deal with arguments, disagreements, boundaries, and frustrations. We even have posts full of copy-n-paste responses to negative wedding feedback!

Wedding charity drama: mom won't come because she hates our choice

Wedding charity drama: mom won’t come because she hates our choice of charity

My partner and I have a wedding website that allows for automatic charity donations. We chose Planned Parenthood and now my partner’s mother won’t come to the wedding. We’ve already changed the charity on the site and tried to explain our choice, but to no avail. I can’t imagine the wedding without her. Any ideas on getting back in her good graces?

My son has an alcohol problem. How do I handle him with an open bar at the wedding?

How do I handle an alcoholic wedding guest and an open bar at my wedding?

I appreciated your article about how to handle a abusive/misbehaving wedding guest. I am getting married next year and I have a son with an drug and alcohol problem. I cannot uninvite him but need tips on how to handle him. He is fine until he starts drinking and there is no way that we can keep him from drinking since we are having an open bar.

I was considering hiring someone to attend to watch him and, as soon as gets boorish, place him in an cab and send him home. Where do I find a babysitter?

vows now party later post microwedding reception alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Should we host a reception after our micro-wedding? (+reception invitation wording examples!)

We got married this Saturday. It was a very small reception with mainly family. We were unable to invite all of our friends due to venue capacity being only 70 people and also due to our budget. Here we are on Monday back at work and so many people are upset both at me and my now-husband. Is it appropriate to have a small gathering at our house for all of our friends?

"It's too soon to invite your new girlfriend": how to deal with guest list drama while grieving

“It’s too soon to invite your new girlfriend”: how to deal with guest list drama while grieving

“My fiance has a family member whose spouse passed away. Less than a month after this passing, the family member began to date another person. By the time we get married, they’ll only have been dating for four months and we don’t feel comfortable inviting her to the wedding. How can I better explain this to the family member whose girlfriend we are not inviting?”

Dad's religious and I'm not: How can I include him without giving him a platform?

Dad’s religious and I’m not: How can I include him without giving him a platform?

How do I include my religious dad in my wedding day without giving him a platform? I’m afraid if I ask him to read, or allow him to do a speech that he will bring religion into it and I really don’t want that at all. I’m also not sure if I’m going to have a father/daughter dance due to our slowly healing relationship. Help!

No, really, you don't have to be a happy bride all the time

No, really, you DON’T have to be a happy bride all the time

“I think there can be a HUGE amount of pressure for brides to be happy 100% of the time. If they're not, they're called bridezillas. Working in mental health, this expectation that I needed to feel a certain way 100% of the time immediately ground my gears.” How do you deal when the pressure rises to always be a happy bride?