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Joy is an Act of Resistance: a Tigrayan-American wedding

A message that has really resonated with me over the last few months is “joy is an act of resistance” from a poem by Toi Derricotte. I’ve always heard planning a wedding can be stressful, but planing a wedding in a different state, during a global pandemic, in the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, followed by a presidential election that polarized this country while a genocidal war began in my home country, was daunting to say the least…

Love public libraries like we do? Here's how you can use your registry to support one of the best

Love public libraries like we do? Here’s how you can use your registry to support one of the best

We’re no strangers to charitable registries — they’re some of our favorite ways to channel funds to awesome organizations (and so you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t even need!). If you’re a bibliophile who loves to support your local public library, this wedding registry concept is stellar.

Instead of that traditional gift registry, you can easily create a wedding charity registry in support of The New York Public Library!

How do we communicate that we sincerely want no wedding gifts?

How do we clearly communicate that we want NO wedding gifts?

When it comes to gift-giving, the general consensus among my peers is that you give what you can, if you wish. As far as we’re concerned, your presence is present enough — especially considering that we are a bunch of broke Millennials.

My extended family, however, hardcore-believes in tangible gifts. Some of them are sticklers for the traditional (and comfortably middle-class) notion of extensive and expensive gifts at shower, hen party, and wedding. It’s generous, but also uncomfortable, at odds with our values, and not always string-free. How can I discourage gifts at my wedding?

Wedding charity drama: mom won't come because she hates our choice

Wedding charity drama: mom won’t come because she hates our choice of charity

My partner and I have a wedding website that allows for automatic charity donations. We chose Planned Parenthood and now my partner’s mother won’t come to the wedding. We’ve already changed the charity on the site and tried to explain our choice, but to no avail. I can’t imagine the wedding without her. Any ideas on getting back in her good graces?

Weddings for good causes: 7 ways to make your wedding bigger than you

7 ways to make your wedding bigger than you

When it comes to weddings, it’s usually a whole lot of getting. Getting the cake, getting the attire, getting the flowers, getting gifts. Cue brain overload! But what about giving? With the average wedding cost in the U.S. now up over $35,000, couples are re-thinking their wedding and deciding how to incorporate a cause into the planning and execution.

Weaving charity into weddings isn’t hard and is a great way to share the love. Use these starting blocks to brainstorm how you can fold charity into your big day…

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These photo booth props can help shelter dogs after your wedding

I found those plushies that would be super cute for photo booth props. But they’re also dog toys! And then I realized… I could purchase a ton of fun-shaped dog toys, perfect for photo booth posing, and then donate them to a dog shelter afterwards!

Here are some dog toys that would make great photo booth props…