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Reality check: wedding planning isn’t SO bad

We have a tag archive here on Offbeat Bride called overcoming adversity, and it’s all about couples who’ve dealt with significant, serious challenges on the path to the altar. Now, I don’t mean challenges like, “My divorced parents don’t get along; how will I do the seating chart?” or “What if it rains?” Not to diminish the reality of these challenges, but they’re just on a different level than, say, “My mother is dying so we threw the wedding together in a month” or “my partner was attacked by a shark.”

In the name of perspective shifting and reality checks, let’s take a wander through some of our overcoming adversity posts… because there’s nothing like cancer, premature babies, peg legs, and tornadoes to help you get your seating chart woes in perspective.

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Theresa & Anderson’s LuvFest 2010 camping music festival wedding

LuvFest 2010 was an amazing homespun music fest featuring live music, lawn games, bonfires, fire dancers, multi-day camping, and a little rain to cool everyone off. That isn’t enough? Oh, there was a wedding too. Love was all around at this festival of killer jams and awesome vows.

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From political messages to Playstations: more fun groom’s cakes!

It’s that time again! Get your virtual forks out and let’s chow down on some more nom-alicious groom’s cakes that have been popping up in our Flickr pool! We’ve got total nerd cakes, a cake with a political message, even a mostly-fake pirate cake made by a bride on the morning of her wedding. And the groom’s cake that made me kick myself for not thinking of it first.