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Weddings where guests camp-out for the weekend are the best! This archive contains some of our favorite camping weddings, and you might also want to check out our weddings at summer camp venues.

Enchanted Flower Forest Campout Wedding 45 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This artistic wedding campout had disco potties and a rubber duck regatta

As artists, we wanted our wedding campout to feel like stepping into another world for our guests…

Outdoor Camping Wedding Jewish Traditions Photography by Lyn Leland Photography26 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Jewish outdoor camping wedding in the woods

We wanted to honor and connect to the outdoors as much as possible. I was barefoot for the entire ceremony and reception (so was my mother and many of our friends! Husband could not be since he had to smash a glass). We had a fairly traditional Jewish ceremony.

A Maine camp wedding photobombed by the couple's doggo

A Maine camp wedding photobombed by the couple’s doggo

Ollie is Leigh and Noah’s rescue pup. Ollie can be an anxious dog, so the pair thought she would stay in the cabin for their Maine camp wedding festivities. But Ollie wouldn’t stand for missing out on the fun. Who could blame Ollie for making an appearance after seeing the gorgeous style, cozy cottages, lakeside views, and twinkle lights. It was a camp wedding none could forget — rustic meets glam meets completely them.

A rustic meets glam camping Hallowedding in Mendocino, CA

A rustic meets glam fall camping wedding in Mendocino, CA

Rather than opting for the more obvious summer camp wedding, Beth and Dan celebrated their love on Halloween weekend at Camp Navarro in Mendocino County, California. This was a solidly fall-themed occasion — a gorgeous weekend wedding that ran the gamut from a costume party rehearsal dinner to a wedding reception covered in pumpkins, gourds, and gorgeous fall leaves.

West Coast elegance meets vintage kitsch at this Canadian camp wedding

West Coast elegance meets vintage kitsch at this Canadian camp wedding

We both skateboard and the groom is a tattoo artist, while I’m a writer. We met at a celebration of life for a friend who was also a skateboarder and we honoured him in our speech and put his memorial board up on the wall.

The reception was at the Scout Camp so everyone was camping close by, but we were still hidden in the trees for dinner and dancing. A lot of touches were DIY and collected from favorite beaches.

A magical handmade music fest-style wedding in the redwoods

Handmade boho wedding in the redwoods

Our theme was boho meets music festival. We had a camping wedding and were at the property with our friends and family for four days. Almost all decor was DIY and even the tables, chairs, and light posts were made by friends. We wanted to create a sort of bohemian festival-themed atmosphere, where everyone felt like they could do what they wanted in the space. The most important goal was to bring all of our family and friends together in one place and to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and welcomed.