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This is our celebration of weddings working with lower budgets. We don’t call these “budget weddings,” because realistically EVERY wedding has a budget — some weddings are just working with a smaller budget. We’ve got tons of low-budget wedding inspiration and ideas — come get inspired by how other couples have made the most of their money! You may also want to check out our wedding budgeting advice.

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How we had a wedding under $5k — complete with our REAL budget breakdown!

When I mentioned recently online that we had a wedding under $5k, it generated some great conversation about how we pulled that off… There are concrete (and fairly easy ways) to keep your costs low. While they may not be for everyone, I have faith in my offbeat folk, and it can really make a big difference financially in the long run!

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12 offbeat affordable wedding dresses under $120

For those of you working with a smaller budget, here are 12 affordable wedding dresses under $120. No, they might not be ethically made or lined with organic silk… but sometimes you have to do what you can with the budget you’ve got.

Sample wedding budgets from @offbeatbride

Break it down now: sample wedding budgets for all kinds of offbeat weddings

Newly engaged and totally clueless to how much your wedding will cost? Pretty much everyone goes into wedding planning like a big ol’ noob and leaves boggled by all the hidden costs involved. Here are a few sample wedding budgets to get you started.

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Pies, pizza, and pink hair: Hannah & David’s nature center wedding

Pink hair, loads of pies (both dessert AND pizza!), a funny ceremony snafu, a pre-emptive ring ceremony, and animal centerpieces — have we hooked you in yet? This sweet and economical wedding hits all our buttons. Don’t miss the rustic log details, handmade sugar peony cake, and the gorgeous bubble send-off.

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Confidence: the secret key to pulling off a guilt-free budget wedding

When I was planning my wedding, cost was a big factor. While I wanted to enjoy the day and have it represent my partner and me, I didn’t want to do it at a premium cost. So I SCOURED the internet to find ways to slash my budget. The problem was that some of these “20 Ideas to Cut Your Budget” just weren’t feasible. Here is where I think the biggest difficulties in planning a budget wedding lie: that it’s really hard to find affirmation in choosing the “cheaper” way. So here are my tips for planning a guilt-free “budget” wedding…

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Couldn’t afford it, don’t regret it: why I skipped wedding photography

In our area, an “average” wedding photographer charges about $1500. A “good” photographer, about $3000. A photography student from the university, about $800. So, we could either have the wedding we wanted, or a low to mid range photographer with absolutely nothing else. Put that way, the decision was easy. It’s not that we lack appreciation for the art form of photography or don’t think there’s any skill involved. It’s just not something we’ve personally made a priority.