Give your guests sunglasses during your ceremony in the sun

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Having your wedding ceremony outdoors in, oh let's say, August? Much like Erin and Shayne did? Then you might want to do something else that Erin and Shayne did, and set up a sunglasses station for your super-squinty guests. These glasses could do double-duty as eyeball protection and wedding favors.

Bonus points for using a clever sign like: “Don't get BLINDED by our love. Please take some shades.”

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Comments on Give your guests sunglasses during your ceremony in the sun

  1. We’re doing this at my wedding! but instead it’s gonna say “it might be sunny! Take these!” in reference to the zelda one you always see of “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”

    Also a great place to buy them is The prices were MORE than half the next cheapest price and they were awesome when I got them! Yes, I sound like an ad but I know a lot of brides are on a budget like me and fun ideas shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  2. We put out animal-print paper fans (from Oriental Trading Company) since it was supposed to be hot. Five years later we used the leftovers as favors for our three year old’s birthday party!

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