A succulent-themed lavender and blue beachside wedding that’ll warm you right up

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 | Photography by Timeless Pixx Photographers

If you're starting to feel chilly, Douglas and Daniel's beachside wedding at Aruba's Bucuti Resort will warm you right up! This wedding has a ton of charming details — succulents, gold necklaces engraved with the couple's wedding date, and Douglas and Daniel themselves.

These two met three years ago online, and quickly discovered a “mutual love for good food, cocktails, and laughs.” Right before Thanksgiving 2011 they decided they were tired of waiting for America to get it together and they wanted to get married now. Luckily they live in Massachusetts, and were able to legally wed before heading to Aruba to celebrate with friends and family.

The couple places a huge emphasis on all that is eco-friendly and worked hard to have their wedding do the same. For example, the invites were printed on birch tree wood from sustainably harvested forests in the US. Douglas and Daniel wanted to keep the day “simple, natural, and beautiful” and I daresay they pulled it off.

Wooden Invitation Cards

Wedding bands and Calender Key Chain

Succulents Theme

Rustic White Centerpiece

Purple -Burlap Sign

Purple Flowers

Necklace and Key Chain

Arch white and Blue Drapes


Hotel Garden

Best Man Boutonierre

Beach Setting


Wooden Food Sign

Cheeses Station

Cake Sign




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Comments on A succulent-themed lavender and blue beachside wedding that’ll warm you right up

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve been trying to figure out how to pull off blue and lavender, so this is great inspiration! 😀 As for the couple – you both look so handsome and happy!

  2. Great wedding!

    But now I have to find that calendar date circled key chain!!!

  3. LOVE this – but especially the invitations.
    btw – YAY Massachusetts! now let’s get the rest of the country up to speed. this couple shows how right marriage is when two people love each other.

  4. What a beautiful event! And I’m going to have to jump on the invite-love train. Those might be exactly what we’ve been looking for!

    • Having discussed it with my partner, this post has totally made a sale for Wood Chick – those invitations are 100% what we were looking for, and we didn’t even know it!

  5. I LOVE the Bucuti resort! I stayed there on my recent trip to Aruba. I totally remember the wedding planner telling me how excited she was about this exact up-coming wedding! Congrats, guys.

  6. Oh man, such handsome grooms, and your rings are gorgeous! And a cheese station! Brilliant! Stealing that idea!

  7. It’s even awesomer when you know exactly how that sugar sand feels between your toes. I stayed at La Cabana on Eagle Beach a few years ago and I’ve never felt more peaceful. Gorgeous wedding! Congratulations to both of you. 😀

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