stripey alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I am absolutely in love with this head-to-toe striped ensemble. A little goth, a little vaudeville, a little circus — all stunning.

…Perhaps I'm a teeny bit biased — I own a version of the custom bustle jacket by Kambriel that the bride is wearing.

But it's not just about the jacket — look at that hat! The little adorable top hat! I know this is my second top hat in a week, but I love them! Looks like this one was made by Topsy Turvy Design.

Lots more pictures from this fabulously goth Ohio wedding on acid_poptart's livejournal.

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  1. My favorite wedding on here in a log time. Happiest looking groom I’ve ever seen.

  2. Not only do both the bride and the groom look utterly stunning in these gorgeous outfits, all of the wedding guests look cool too!

  3. I’m with Miss Strange on this one… This may be my favorite wedding so far I think!

    Poor acid_poptart may have an OBB stalker on her hands 🙂 I must know more about those cute little tortellini snackies! I *love* the black & white pics! I *love* the whole thing!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words! When we finally decided to tie the knot, we both agreed, we were doing it *our* way and wanted our voices to come through in the way the wedding looked. Everyone said it was very “us” and we agree, and everyone loved it!

    If anyone had questions for me, I seriously don’t mind at all! Fashion is my life!

  5. I love your wedding. Your cake and food layout was fabulous. Your dress was stunning.
    And I think that I have seen your name before havent I in Gothic Beauty?

  6. I work with the groom. He would stop by my desk almost daily to give me all the juicy details of their wedding and to rub it in my face that it was going to be freaking awesome! And from all the pics I’ve seen…it was freaking awesome! I’ve spoken to his new wife, Mrs. Acid Poptart, a couple of times, and she is quite lovely and sweet. I’m so happy for them both! Congrats!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. The whole thing looks awesome! The cake, the garden, the friend with the purple bangs (absolute hotness)! Congrats to both of you, looks like you had a great wedding

  8. Like the most awesomeness ever – not sure if it is the dress etc. or happy they look together.

  9. Oh Gawd I just realized that hot bustie jacket was originally designed for Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls – like the best group ever and Amanda’s my ideal of what a singer-songwriter should be. (I was the only fifty something at their last Seattle concert). I want one in homage to her – I wonder if Kambriel will make me a plus size one!!! Am I to old to be a groupie?

  10. Yes Taga, I’m that Acid PopTart, fashion editor for GBM.

    Sabrina, the friend with the purple hair is Larissa, she made the corset she’s wearing and is a total sweetheart. I think one of the most fabulous thing was a few of my friends asked if they should “tone it down” and told them “no”. You come as you are, be comfortable. If anyone too uptight cannot deal, well they’ll have to, my wedding. How wonderful it was to see all the supposed “freaks” getting along with little old ladies even! Not too mention, since I model, a lot of my friends are models or photographers and some hadn’t met before now so a bit networking occured!

    Cate, yes, Kambriel does custom sizing! You should most definately contact her and let her know what you want. I know she’s a little busy right now from the huge FIT exhibit we both got back from and she’s working on some red carpet gowns for some gothy celebs.

  11. Oh man! I had no idea you were getting married! (multiple year subscriber to GB, but i think my subscription expired, or my family hasn’t been sending them to me out at college). Congrats! Sounds like a blast!

  12. Super awesome. That dress is to die for and I love the cake too. Tim Burton rules!

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