Spiked chain-linked brooches for your naked collar

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See-through shirt optional
See-through shirt optional

Your wedding outfit has a collar, but you don't want a tie. You're looking for something a little more heavy metal than silk. What are your options? What about adding some spikes and a chain to your button-down!

Here's a similar one to the one I'm wearing above. You can even attach them to the lapels of a blazer, or to straps on a halter top or dress.

Picture these as the matching accessories for everyone in your wedding brigade! And of course, you can wear this accessory again and again even after your wedding day is over. Score!

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  1. my (very metal) dude wishes to remain tie-less (he likes to refer to them as “strangulation devices” when he has to wear them to work roughly once every six months)…i think he will love this.

  2. I wear these on a general day-to-day basis. Look up terms like “Sweater clasps” and “collar brooch” on ebay. Have a whole collection with lapel brooches such as skeleton hands, studs, mystic hands, question marks, and my favourite: eyes.

  3. It looks different and awesome, literately new to me It can be tie up with bow to get differentiation among others in party.

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