No Dead Flowers

We've seen brides ask their guests to contribute to the building of a bridal bouquet, but Offbeat Bride reader Wendy took that a step further by having her friends and family help with all her wedding flowers. Much like the wine shower, this is how the “flower shower” worked:

In lieu of gifts, I asked that my bridal shower guests bring me potted flowers. That way I could display them at the wedding, and then I could later plant them at our house.

[The photo above] is just a small gathering of the ultimate collection!

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Comments on Ask your shower guests to gift you flowers

  1. Lovely! I think ideas like this that get your community involved in making the day special are so nice. =)

  2. What a wonderful idea, particularly planting the flowers and plants at home. With the right care those could be with the couple for a very long time. What an amazing keepsake!

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