The offbeat bride: Tanya, Nursery Teacher

Her offbeat partner: Gavin, Technical Officer

Location & date of wedding: HMS Warrior – Portsmouth, England on March 24th, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We had been together for a while and decided to do the wedding thing our way. We wanted a small ceremony and we weren't tied to any religious buildings, so after a quick search we decided on a ship.


Although I eventually decided on the off-white dress angle, I bought a dress on Ebay and modified it as much as I could! I decided on artificial flowers that we could make a month ahead, and I used the leftover fabric from the dress to make the favors.


I did my own hair and makeup as I like the way I do it! We sent handmade itineraries to guests ahead of time detailing the area, and we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Mary Rose after the ceremony. In the evening we ate in a tiny restaurant, no first dance and homemade cakes!

Our biggest challenge: Family and Friends! Guests were not comfortable with the fact that our day did not have the traditional format and despite being informed, still grumbled.


My favorite moment: Finding out that despite my worrying (I am super organized and despite many relaxation techniques still worried on the day) everybody had a really good time.


My offbeat advice: Don't ask the best man if he wants to do the speeches after the meal, just get them over and done with!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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Comments on Tanya & Gavin’s wet and windy ship wedding!

  1. This is fantastic! The ship, the dress, the photos, everything is just gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! Does anyone know what designer the dress is? (other than Tanya’s hand, as she said!)

  3. I saw the first picture and KNEW it was the warrior… im from Portsmouth and was taken there os school trips many times, and what a wonderful idea, and your dress and coat are beautiful. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing x

  4. Amazing day and a fantastic venue. Little bit of a shame about the weather but it seems to work with the ship.

  5. Lovely Wedding and venue. We looked at Warrior for the wedding too, just couldn’t drag our family and friends that far down the country.

  6. AH! How cute are you two on that ship?!? This wedding is so English it’s lovely! That trench and umbrella makes it perfect.

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