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Susanna and Ricki, aka Kitten and Lou, are a drag king and a burlesque queen in lurve. After meeting on stage and falling in love while performing in an Atomic Bombshells revue, they have become the world's showbusiest couple. Since Washington state passed Referendum 74, they knew it was time to get hitched… in some serious style. A little camp, a lot of glam, and a hell of a lot of performances, it is a confetti and balloon-festooned show not to be missed. Thanks to Nate Gowdy for sharing these amazing photos with us.

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-1

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-2

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-3

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-6

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-7

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Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-33

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-32

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Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-29

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-28

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-27

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-26

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-25

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-22

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-21

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-cake

Kitten+Lou, by Nate Gowdy-34


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Comments on Kitten and Lou’s drag king weds burlesque queen extravaganza

  1. As I so eloquently just told a coworker when I shared this with her: “MATCHING MULTI-COLORED LEOPARD PRINT DETAILS DUOAUFAOMFDSOKDFOEU”

  2. I’m going to bookmark this wedding to look at when I’m having a bad day. So pretty! So happy! So FUN!

  3. Oh my, so much fabulous! I love the matching leopard print in both their outfits. Really ties it together without being matchy-matchy.

  4. I want this wedding to be next weekend and I want to be invited! I think this looks like the most fun wedding I’ve ever seen.

  5. Is that Jinkx Monsoon I saw singing in one of the pictures?!?! What a fun, amazing wedding. Congrats!!

  6. AWW! Waxie Moon was the officiant! And the Atomic Bombshells were the Flower girls!!! That is so awesome. xoxoxo to the Seattle burlesque community!!

  7. This is so unabashedly and clearly a portrayal of a couple who enjoys being themselves, surrounded by people who enjoy being themselves. I am in awe. SO much glamour. SO much. I lurve it.

  8. Everything about this is freaking brilliant. Why doesn’t everybody have a BOUNCY HOUSE(!!!!!!) at their wedding?

  9. Ohmygaaah this is just the best. From the first picture to the last, my mouth hung open in absolute awe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people so happy. Congratulations!

  10. Oh my god is that Jinxx Monsoon!?
    This wedding has killed me. My ghost is writing this comment from beyond a fabulous grave.

  11. Keep in mind that their wedding was so fabulous that Offbeat Bride got scooped… by the Daily Mail in the UK, who did a great write-up. THAT, my friends, is how you throw a party!

  12. That face Kitten is making as she signs the paper…I’ve never seen a legal document be so sexy. LOVE IT ALL!

  13. Would LOOOOOOVE to see more details on this! What an amazing picture round-up! Everyone looks so happy, and Kitten and Lou just look AH-MAY-ZING!

  14. I heart my Seattle magical sparkly rainbow unicorn drag & burlesque peoples! Kitten and Lou’s wedding just makes me smile. Love everything about it!

  15. WHAT a glorious spectacle. This basically looks like the funnest wedding EVER.

    And I love the bright yellow bridesmaid dresses. Beyond cute and just adds to the vibe of amazingness.

  16. OMGEE SO MUCH AWESOME!! Congratulations to the lovely couple on their marriage AND for throwing the most kick ass-iest looking party ever!

  17. That is just so amazing! So much joy, so much laughter, so much fun! Everything about this screams happiness. Looking at these just lifted my spirits after an awful day. I, too, shall bookmark for occasions when I need my spirits lifted.

    Also: envy. Because wow. AMAZEBALLS.

  18. hnnngggg they are SO beautiful! I cannot even get over it. What an amazing wedding.

  19. Love the dress and the suit, and I think everything else in this wedding! Absolutely beautiful and it looks like everyone had a blast!

  20. Those bridesmaids dresses are so beautiful! Like captured sunshine! And a bounce house at a wedding? Genius!

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