We couldn't stop ourselves from doing another theme week once we saw a pattern of era-inspired weddings. This time? The 1940s!


The offbeat bride: Alix, Color Team Bitch

Her offbeat partner: Nick, Speech Pathologist

Date and location of wedding: King County Courthouse, Seattle, WA — March 20, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We had just moved to Seattle from the Midwest when we also found out we were pregnant. We wanted to get married, but it didn't take long to figure out that we didn't have enough money to throw the kind of wedding we wanted to have while simultaneously saving for a baby. More importantly, we knew a lot of our friends and family wouldn't be able to afford to travel to a wedding on such short notice. We figured if we had to do it with just us, we'd do it in style — 1940s style!




We made the day special and intimate for the two of us by getting up early, driving around and getting the corsage and coats from the dry cleaners, taking pictures with Cindy Wagner in our neighborhood and at the courthouse, and having a fancy dinner at Canlis, courtesy of my girlfriends who chipped in to pay for our meal.


Tell us about the ceremony: We made an appointment with a judge at the King County Courthouse. When we arrived, we were the only people in the room who weren't there on drug charges. We knew it was going to be memorable at least. Our judge runs the drug court and took a moment to explain why he had volunteered to help turn people's lives around, but that he was happiest ending his day with a wedding. He performed the ceremony straight from the book, and it was short, but really touching! I don't think I could have emotionally lasted through a much longer ceremony.


Our biggest challenge: My biggest challenge was getting my hair done. I just hated the result and ended up redoing it in a bathroom, and watched all afternoon as it kept falling out of my hat. I didn't care in the end though, as it was a windy day and we had a lot of fun regardless.


My favorite moment: My family is pretty religious and I was terrified that a courthouse wedding would not be “special.” Looking Nick in the eye and reciting our vows was incredibly moving and I cried the whole time! There was no reason to worry about it not being special.


My funniest moment: The very first thing that happened during the day was the photographer telling us to walk down these steps whilst looking at her. I was wearing five-inch heels and the steps were wet and mossy. I immediately tripped and would have face planted down the stairs had Nick not caught me. My ego and hands were bruised, but it took the edge off of taking pictures. There weren't fake or stiff smiles after that!


My advice for Offbeat Brides: Have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish from your day. I collaborated via Pinterest with my photographer, and put together inspiration boards to solidify hair, makeup, jewelry, mood, and theme. I definitely recommend using a site like Pinterest.

I knew the day would fly by, so I wanted the best pictures money could buy. I'm a crafty person, but at the end of the day, stressing out to craft a bunch of stuff wasn't worth it and wasn't going to make our day any more special.



Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?

  • Photography: Cindy Wagner of Wagner Photographics is a genius! She is seriously the reason why I felt comfortable eloping because I knew the pictures would capture the day for my mom in such a way that she would be ok not being there in person.
  • Bride's dress: Sway and Cake
  • Hats: Goorin Bros.

Enough talk — show me the wedding inspo!

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Comments on Alix & Nick’s WWII era 1940s elopement

  1. Holy cow this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with her whole outfit and how adorable are they together? What a beautiful wedding and congratulations on marriage and a baby 🙂

  2. Love your wedding shots reminded me of my grandparents wedding picture. They could not afford a big wedding and my grandmother was pregnant they were together over 60 years hope you have as long congrats on the wedding and the baby

  3. I’m loving these era themed weddings! 20’s, 30’s, not 40’s! The pictures kind of remind me of those you see from World War II where they’re getting married fast in a courthouse because he’s about to be shipped off to war….Super romantic. I also love the stockings/pantyhose with the seams up the back.

  4. anyone else notice the giant stuffed (i hope…) bear-things in the corner of the sweets shop? o.O

    • What is it with sweets shops having those creepy, super depressed bears? There are four by me that have the exact same bear slumped in a chair just inside their shops. How weird!

  5. Love the vintage style!

    But what struck me most: honestly, I need to write “stressing out to craft a bunch of stuff wasn’t worth it and wasn’t going to make our day any more special” down, stick it on my fridge, and look at it every day.

  6. Best wedding pictures EVER (and trust me I look around!) I’m in love with your concept, your clothes and OMG: How, can you stay so pretty while crying?!? Congratulation for you both! 🙂

  7. This photo shoot makes me want to move back to Pioneer Square. What a beautiful couple, I’m glad they had a photographer along so they could share the day. Oh, and Canlis…so jealous.

  8. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. That was some money well spent.

  9. LOVE this elopement!!! Gorgeous photos. Congratulations to them on both the marriage and the baby! 🙂

  10. These photos are so incredible, I almost cried. Congratulations, on both your nuptials and baby.

  11. As mother of the bride, I wasn’t happy to miss the wedding, but Cindy Wagner did such a good job with the pictures that I feel like I WAS there. You can’t spend too much money on a creative photographer.

  12. What a stunning couple, and the joy just shines right through. In love with the 40’s theme, you did a fantastic job nailing down every detail and you both looked fabulous. The photography splurge was a wise choice for this incredibly special elopement.

  13. Has anyone ever told you you resemble Quinn a la Glee? Beautiful. The photos and theme compliment you both very well.

    I’m surprised at your husband being a speech pathologist. Around here I’ve only ever encountered females in the position so it’s a little heartwarming to know a male is doing that wonderful job.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I think a lot of women go into the field because they think that they would only be working with young children. Nick works with the geriatric population in nursing homes and loves it! The cranky old men like having a man care about their stories and experiences, and he’s a real charmer with the old ladies 😉

      • It’s always great to be with a guy the old and/or the young are charmed by! It tells you that you have a keeper! It’s like having a pet choose your date, you know they’re beautiful on the inside and out!

    • I was about to comment that I see a little bit of Princess Diana! But I can also see Quinn!! Alix, you are a classic beauty!

  14. Oh, It just pop to me: what is a ”color team bitch”?! My english is not so good, and I have the hardest time figure what it can be…:)

    • I work in the fashion industry, on a team that coordinates the seasonal palette into hundreds of different fabrics and does quality control stuff. I’m their temp aka bitch

      • Hahaha thank’s a lot for the definition. 🙂
        Congratulation again, you look so great together.

  15. I love the theme, as well as the pictures! What’s great about the pictures, is that they were staged, but they don’t feel staged.

  16. I really really really love this retro theme! It looks effortless & beautiful!! Love the shoes!

  17. Aw – what a special day for such an adorable couple! I love the cheerful colors they chose for his tie and their boutonnieres.

  18. Love, love, a thousand times love!! Thank you for this story- totally inspiring!

    Proud to be an SLP 😀

  19. I can’t identify the building in the last two photos, but I’m dying to have a photoshoot there! What gorgeous place is that?

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