Save wedding day rain in vial as a sentimental memento

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Original photo of Cristin and Neb's wedding by Angelica Peady Photography

So you're freaking out about the weather report, panicking over WHAT IF IT RAINS ON MY WEDDING DAY?!

First, take a deep breath. Rainy weddings can be beyond gorgeous, and we've got a deep archive full of real weddings that prove it.

Second, steal this idea: for less than $4, you can buy a pack of tiny cork-stopped vials. On your wedding day, ask someone to collect some rain water for you in a cup, and then funnel it into these tiny vials for tiny sentimental mementos of your very gorgeous, very rainy wedding day.

(You might want to use wax to seal the cork closed on the vial to avoid evaporation.)

…See? Now you're going to be disappointed if it's NOT rainy on your wedding day.

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  1. This makes me wish it did rain on my wedding day! I love this idea so much

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      • Thanks 🙂

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  2. I love this idea! I’m going to buy a bunch of vials and bring one to the weddings I’m in this summer– then I’ll have a little post-wedding gift for the brides!

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