Sarah SnookI know I said before that your wedding is not a contest, and I still very firmly believe this. That said, I have yet to see a wedding as fabulously goth as Sarah Snook's. First, read this article to get the story on Sarah and her husband Chase's cemetery wedding in Cleveland. Then, head over here to see pictures of Sarah's amazing black dress (a dark remaking of Sarah's great-great-grandmother's 1870 wedding dress), the hearse they in rode on, and their vegan chocolate cherry cupcake tree.

Then you tell me: have you ever seen a more deliciously dark wedding?

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  1. I’m getting married in two weeks. Someone posted a link to your site on my website, to re-start my Wedding Spirit, I think.

    And it worked. I only wish I’d read the book before I started planning. It’s not that my wedding isn’t “weird enough” it’s just that I don’t think it is “authentic” enough. I really needed to run across all of this today, though. Thanks!

  2. My mom and dad were married in a cemetary back in 1981, but not because they particularly wanted to. My mom was pregnant with me at the time so the church refused to let her be married in the actual church. They let them use the chapel they used for funerals, which was still really nice, but all the guests had to drive through the cemetary to get there.

  3. […] wedding dress trend would actually come to fruition this year. I mean sure, there have always been fabulous gothic brides who wear black, but rumor had it this was going to be the year that ladies other than my Brides Of The Night broke […]

  4. I am looking for more info on a cemetery weddings. Love Sarah Snooks idea and the pics are beautiful. I live in the San Francisco area but would travel in Ca for a dark beautiful wedding…

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