Rockstar wedding photographer with a tri-lingual flair from SF’s Sasha Photography

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sasha-photography-offbeat-bride-600px-001I think we can all agree that most people in this world aren't born knowing how to be models. And yet, our San Francisco-based sponsor Sasha Photography works some magic on his clients to make them look like freaking rockstars on their wedding day. He believes that inside every bride or groom is a bad-ass rockstar, and that an honest, playful and daring approach to photography is the best way to bring that energy out.

Wanna see some of these amazing rockstar-like images (including the one I wish was of ME) and some hawt ass-grabbing action? Trust me, you totally do…

sasha-photography-offbeat-bride-600px-004Sasha comes from a long line of photographers — he came to the United States from the former Soviet Union, where his grandfather had been a professional portrait photographer for over 50 years! Oh yeah, did I mention that Sasha speaks Russian and Spanish? All my multi-cultural couples out there just may have found your perfect photography match.

This would be my official profile photo for all the things forever.
This would be my official profile photo for all the things forever.

Along with making you comfortable and enhancing your model/rockstar-like capabilities, Sasha specializes in crafting offbeat wedding photography itineraries with his inside scoop on some of San Francisco's most original spots.

I have photographed in destinations as distant as Paris, London, Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, and North Carolina. But, San Francisco is the city I know like the back of my hand — a city that I believe is the best photo studio in the world. I love to explore interesting locations and themes while connecting with my couples during engagement shoots.


You can tell by the way he makes all his couples look like freaking fashion models that Sasha is skilled at building comfort and trust with his clients — allowing him to capture playful, unexpected, and intimate images. And his focus goes well beyond the photographs themselves — he actually cares about your whole experience…

Wedding photography should be fun, enjoyable, memorable, and should enhance the experience of the wedding day as a whole.


I know y'all love yourselves some rock ‘n' roll weddings, and I know some of you may have families who speak Russian or Spanish and would love to be able to communicate with one of your most important vendors. Why not combine your need for both those things and book Sasha Photography!

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  1. Oh man. I wish I lived on the west coast so bad right now, or at least was rich enough to fly him out to Chicao. Lol. What epic work.

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