A cute, non-aggressive, way to remind your guests to send those errant RSVPs

Guest post by Candy Cyanide


Oh the RSVP drama llama — I don't have a cure-all, BUT I do have a cute, playful, non-aggressive way to get some those errant RSVPs from your professional procrastinator guests!

Just customize this gentle reminder letter, email it to your guests who haven't responded yet, and include the link where they can RSVP. If you aren't doing online RSVPing, then edit to include your RSVP address, and remind them the deadline is coming up.

Do this when it's a week or two before the date — that way if they still aren't responding, then you can say you've already warned them and can get a little more aggressive if need be.

If you want to use this exact sign template, click on the photo below and save it in the full size.

RSVP reminder 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

I printed these on cardstock — I would not use regular paper. In fact I'd love to “do this right” with a wooden sheet all artsy and cute. If you think you might have a few procrastinators, you might want to use these signs for a couple shots during the engagement shoot.

Or, if you like the template, but would want to change the wording or font, you can download the Word doc here and get to reminding!

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Comments on A cute, non-aggressive, way to remind your guests to send those errant RSVPs

  1. Brilliant idea! I haven’t sent our invitations out yet (the wedding is slightly over a year away), but I hear people on the Tribe talk a lot about not having people RSVP. So I’m sure I will be using this when the time comes!
    Love how it is sent through email so there isn’t any paper wasted or postage paid. Also the link suggestion makes it easy for most people to respond. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG Thank you! I just used this on all my facebok friends! And now to attack relatives’ emails!

  3. Just used this for my forgetful non-RSVPers and got responses from all of them within a day! Thanks so much for the cute idea!!!

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