Crowdsource mini works of art from your guests as the RSVP

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Jess and Martyn tapped into their guests' creative sides to collect all kinds of drawings, poems, collages, and well-wishes as a form of RSVP. They included blank postcards in the invitations, and commissioned artistic or written works of art to display at the reception. What they received was no less than an amazing poster-sized exquisite corpse filled with the energies of the people they love.

What it also tells me is that you never know what your guests will invent. I'm seeing sheep, a winged dragon(?), multiple apes and monkeys, Lisa Simpson's wedding, and tons of mini caricatures of the couple.

Oh, and if you decide to use pre-designed postcards (like this!) for RSVPs, you'll end up with your own two-sided work of art! There's much more to see from Jess and Martyn's budget-friendly UK wedding, so check it out.

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  1. This is an awesome idea.. Thanks for sharing! They’re all really nice, I think my favorite is the Homer+Lisa one though 🙂

  2. Wow, we just accidentally came up with the same idea! Picking up the invites tomorrow … can’t wait to see what our guests do with the postcards, and I look forward to displaying them at the wedding!

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