Would you consider REAL tattoo wedding favors at your wedding?

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 | Photography by Allebach Photography
Would you consider REAL tattoo wedding favors at your wedding?
Photo by Allebach Photography

Get a load of this bad-ass idea: a tattoo artist on site at your wedding (or bachelorette, or after-party, etc.) giving out actual, real tattoos to interested guests (or just you). It's out-there, but kind of awesome at the same time? That's what The Wedding Tattooer, Robert Fiore, and our resident tattooed bride photographer, Mike Allebach have partnered up to bring ink-loving couples.

It's NOT for every couple, I grant you. You definitely wouldn't want anyone to feel pressured to get any kind of permanent tattoo without some thought. That said, if your crew is body art-inclined anyway, it would surely end up being one of the most memorable wedding favors.

Here's a video from Rob, the tattoo artist who brings his tattoo studio to the event (who would ink up your grandma if she was game for it — don't miss that story!)…


Rob sets up the same kind of setup as his own studio complete with sterile instruments, after-care instructions, etc., and can hook you up with custom designs (maybe teeny ones that wouldn't be too scary on the day).

Would you ever want to design a wedding tattoo for your guests to consider? Or maybe just have a tattoo artist on-site to give you custom ring tattoos after the ceremony?

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    Still a bit long ways to go, but was thinking on having our ring finger done up after our ceremony on our 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal. Haven’t brought it up with the husband, yet… I know he’ll go with it!!

  2. We’re doing this for our wedding! We’re having a temporary tattoo station, but a friend of mine is a tattoo artist and we’re going to do a “give away” of a few designs by her and she’s going to do the tattoos at the party! Some friends are already looking forward to getting inked, and I’m super excited to watch my friend do her magic at the wedding.

  3. This is a neat idea. Unfortunately, it is not something my guests would take advantage of, nor is it within my budget to cover the cost of tattoos for all my guests. Maybe there is a flat rate I’m not aware of, but if I consider the hourly rates ($100+) for most tattoo artists in my area, plus the additional costs of getting inked, I shudder to imagine the bill for having someone on site for 5-6 hours, plus the cost of x number of tattoos and transporting/setting up equipment. If it’s within your budget and worth it for you based on how many people you think will get inked at your wedding, go for it, but it’s not something I could afford nor would it be worth the cost if I could.

  4. The fiance and I are planning to get ring tattoos after our wedding. I can only think of a small handful of guests at my wedding who would go for getting a real tattoo at our reception (most of them are from my side of the family). Maybe, if I win the lottery before our wedding.

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