Wear rainbow socks to colorify your white wedding gown

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OMG rainbow socks + wedding gown = the best.
OMG rainbow socks + wedding gown = the best. Photo by Sheila Simmington.

If you're looking for a way to bring a bit of color to your white wedding ensemble, pull on a pair of thigh-high rainbow socks like Emily did! We know lots of y'all love rainbows, and wearing socks is an easy way to add a mind-bending fart of colortastic fuck-yeahness to your wedding outfit without adding drama.

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  1. I wore red and white striped socks with red character shoes and a rainbow feather clip in my hair. I ordered the striped socks and a pair of fancy white bridal stockings but when they arrived and I put the socks on, they just felt right.

  2. We’re totally doing this. When I told my husband (to-be) that I intended to wear rainbow socks, he got kind of a sad face on. I asked what was up and he said “I kinda want rainbow socks too now” and I was all “great! Want matching ones or different ones?” And then he was excited. So, matching rainbow socks: here we come.

  3. Haha brilliant!! My partner and I wear incredibly bright – and odd – socks as standard! Neither of us had any idea the other did it until we were together, it makes people laugh that’s for sure 😛 I’d LOVE to continue this onto our wedding day, but I thinkI might go for odd – but pale – socks, and leave the bold colour to him 🙂

  4. My partner and I did this! We had (non-matching) rainbow socks. We also had rainbow suspenders for people who wanted them (2 of our 3 dads and my spouse ended up wearing them).

  5. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am gigglin too, i didn’t have rainbow sox – but i did BORROW my grandma’s “NBC peacock” socks…and oddly, they WERE multi-colored LOL

    p.s. i’m obsessed with this lady in the UK that makes AWESOME color-filled-yay!!!
    I still haven’t gotten the nerve or budget yet for purchase – but i’m scheming for 2014! 😛


    oh, and there – just so u have proof LOL

  6. My bestie bought fancy wedding shoes, then remembered she’s not a fancy shoes person (sales pressure at the dress store…). Instead she went with thigh-high pink striped Tinkerbell socks. WITH fluffy white slippers. Under floofy ballgown. ‘Twas awesome.

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