It’s all about punk rock, bright colors, and new websites with Philadelphia’s Allebach Photography

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Wanna do a "till death to us part/Star Wars" engagement photo theme in a ceremony? Cool, Mike Allebach does too.
Wanna do a “till death do us part/Star Wars” engagement photo theme in a ceremony? Cool, Mike Allebach does too.

We got news from one of our most prolific sponsors, Mike Allebach! You may know him as the wedding photographer that gave you insider info on…

Today he's back to announce his brand new website. It just went live today, all shinyand new!

In honor of his fancy new site, let's chat about our boy Mike Allebach…

Best Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)You might also know Philadelphia-based Mike Allebach as the “tattooed bride photographer.” Inked Magazine profiled his work, noting: “He treats weddings as individually as the people in them.”

Awesome, yes? But he's more than a safe place for inked couples to feel comfortable. Mike's business exists to be a safe place for all couples with fun and alternative lifestyles, to get amazing wedding photos.

SuperHero Wedding Photographers alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Perhaps the best way to get to know Mike is through his own words…

In my heart I'm instinctively inclusive, always looking for ways to draw others into the circle and make them feel wanted, heard, and appreciated. It's my punk rock ethic. The uniqueness of my photos comes from the uniqueness of my clients. And I believe I have the best, most unique clients in the world.

Quirky, colorful, creative, awesome people choose Allebach Photography. I have photographed offbeat, gay, trans, straight, straight-edge, roller girl, nerdy, steampunk, punk rock, rockabilly, tattoo artist, untattooed, interfaith weddings and couples with disabilities. Some people give their weddings a label or a style. And some couples just celebrate marriage.

Okay wait: through his own words AND this video…

Now go do these three things, if you want wedding photos like this…

Magic Gardens Wedding Photographer

  1. Head over to see Mike's fancy new website.
  2. Ask him about his $500 Offbeat Bride discount.
  3. Then book the hell out of Mike for your wedding!

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  1. That last picture is incredible! Does anyone know where it is? (I tried to Google search it but didn’t come up with the info.)

  2. Can photographers please stop calling their pricing an investment? Also why does everyone in Philly want to charge $3K and up? That’s almost half my budget (small wedding).

    • I’m 100% behind you on investment. I cringe when I see it. I’m not sure who started that trend. I made sure it doesn’t appear on my website. It’s pure silliness.

      I cover weddings on an hourly rate if the date is still available within 6 months. When it comes to budgets I understand. I also offer post wedding shoots at Eastern State Penn or Magic Gardens for under $1,000 on weekdays.

  3. These pictures are so wonderful! You never realize how important finding a good photographer is until you get bad photos that don’t capture the emotion of the day. Mike’s photos are the exact opposite, I get ALL THE FEELS in every one of these (except for maybe the first one but that’s only because they’re wearing masks)! Love the little kid with the super hero shirt, his expression is priceless.

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