Project your photobooth images at your reception

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Photo by Buster Benson, used with permission

We know how many of you are doing DIY photobooths, and here's a new twist on the ol' printed photobooth pictures: project your photobooth shots on the wall at your reception! Granted, you might need the help of your favorite A/V Club nerd to get the set-up working… but I love that guests can see the goofy shit people are doing in the photobooth real-time on the wall of your reception!

(PS: If anyone knows how to do this, please submit a tutorial!)

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  1. We did this! We used Dropbox to move the pictures between the photobooth computer (running Sparkbooth!) and the slideshow computer automatically, and a program that would show a slideshow that could be updated in real time. It was great being able to see the pictures people were taking right away!

  2. Considering doing something like this, but the projector at our venue is an additional $200. She’s already throwing in a bunch of stuff at no extra cost, so I doubt we can get the projector too. If we can, we’re totally using it for photos.

  3. I’ve seen some of the inappropriate things people have done inside photo booths…especially while tipsy…hilariously risky!

  4. I’m doing something like this but with Veri – they’ve just introduced a live slideshow function. I’m planning to have all my guests pics going up on screen but I believe you can customise it so only the photobooth camera is in the slideshow

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