Encourage guest bonding with packs of playing cards

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Wanna encourage your guests to interact and get to know each other? Offbeat couples have used board games to kick off the guest bonding action… but board games are big and take up space. That's why Annie and Erik's idea of putting packs of playing cards on each table is a great one.

As Annie explained, when she uploaded this pic to our Flickr pool: “Cards were placed on each table so guests could play euchre.”

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  1. We’re doing trivia cards on our tables. Nothing like bonding over “how many spiders do you swallow in a year?”

  2. It looks like those cards were custom for their wedding. Where can I get something like that done?

    • You can find them online. We ordered some as favors for our wedding but I can’t seem to find the link. I’ll ask my husband when I get home tonight 🙂

    • They were custom done. As mentioned in the other comments there are lots of websites that do this. We had a designer make a custom “wedding logo” for us that we used on these, but many sites will make automated monograms of logos for things like cards.

  3. I want to do something like this. Maybe not cards on every table, but have a game table off to the side. I definitely want an alternative to dancing since most of the people we know aren’t big dancers.

    • We are planning something similar. A very likely venue for us is outdoors but has a smallish “house” with two living-type-rooms, a couple bathrooms and a small kitchen. If we go with that we plan to have one room set up with small tables and some chairs with tabletop games. My Fiance’s friends are D&D players but love a lot of games and I have a few people who are going to need a quiet space to retreat to at some point.

  4. High five for Euchre! It’s my family’s game, but so far I haven’t met anyone outside of Michigan that plays it … unless they’ve been taught by someone from Michigan. One of my good friends is a euchre evangelist 😀

    • I think I met some people in Ohio that knew, but it might have just been Hearts.

  5. We play both on summer holidays and we’re a long way from Michigan – w australia.

  6. Oh no, it’s definitely an Ohio thing too! I moved to DC 10 years ago…I’ve had to teach it every single time I’ve wanted to play since!

  7. You can get 100% customizable cards at printerstudio.com. We got our favors here and they are perfect! Great quality and not bad prices (if you buy in bulk).

  8. I love this! I had been thinking I wanted board games, but was hesitant because of space. This is great!

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