Personalized teacups as wedding party gifts

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We featured her photo of jams and jellies in our Yummy wedding favors post, and here she is yet again with an awesome idea and rad pics to boot! Kid Crayola added these pics of personalized teacups to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool, and we think they are just deeeevine, darlings!

Her step-father, who happens to be a sign painter by trade, painted these up for the bride and groom. And the whole wedding party got some too. Pretty nifty idea, huh?

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  1. My little sister is looking to have a “mad hatter tea party” themed wedding and is planning on collecting enough tea cups for everyone to take home the one they drink out of with a little tag tied on it with ribbon saying “Take Me” (a play on the “eat me, taste me ” cookies in Alice in Wonderland). She’s collecting them second hand for uber cheap and keeping it green by not leaving waste. These personalized ones are divine!

  2. im in love with this. and vivi i thought about doing the same thing! ended up going with compostable plates cups and everything, how many cups does she need? i think i have some i could pitch in!

  3. i’m also one of those tea party wedding nutters, so this is right up my alley. thanks for sharing!

  4. Love these… is there any way to do them yourselves (I didnt see any directions?) or where to buy?

    • Well… along with being the illustrious Contributing DIY Editor of OBB, I also work at a sign shop. You can have sign shops make thin vinyl decals in a variety of fonts and styles to achieve a similar look.

      You can also have a sign shop make a small paint mask vinyl stencil that can be applied to the teacup in order for you to handpaint the letters on. Just a few tips!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring these : D
    We have sourced about 80 teacups and saucers, sugar bowls and jug/teapots for our wedding day.
    Our guests are going to be treated to mini cupcakes, mini cream teas and tarts with Darjeeling First flush on arrival instead of the usual canapes and bubbly!
    All of the wedding party will have a personalised cup to take away with them : )
    We’re also filling our vintage jugs and teapots with flowers to use as center pieces for all our tables.

    Only 2 weeks to go now!! : D

    • Hey that sounds really great! How did it turn out? I am doing a “High Tea” type of reception in a castle and looking for a way to do tea cups that people can take with them. Any suggestions on where to get personalized (imprinted) tea cups?

  6. wow great Idea I just might do that for my halloween bash for maybe coffee mugs or glass cup for those who dont drink coffee. Theres not many halloween cups that can be reused these days I think. cute art work!!!

  7. Wow!
    This is exactly what I had been planning!
    A great idea to use a sign writer – I was planning on drawing on it myself, with a ceramic paint texta (draw and then bake)
    but I think I have a sign writer friend I can convince with cookies to do it!
    I’ve been searching the op shops and have enlisted all my friends to keep an eye out for teacups.
    Great to see how lovely they can look.

    • i have a box of pretty teacups and saucers if you need them! i just pared down my collection. where are you located? (if thats ok to ask on here) you can email me if you want to and ill see about sending you some!

      • Hi Misty, if you’re still looking to get rid of your teacups I’m collecting them for my wedding! Not sure how to contact you directly on here… I live in London but am getting married in the NW. Very excited, have got my mum and friends scouring all the charity shops for mismatched cups and saucers. Such a lovely idea 🙂

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