Use a diaper bag as your wedding catch-all bag

Guest post by Ophelia

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I wonder just how many penis tchotchkes this Vera Bradley diaper bag can hold?
I have been in the process of planning my DIY wedding for two years now, and am nearing the end of the two-year stretch. With a couple weeks left until the wedding, I headed out to a thrift store because I needed a bag. Not just any bag but something I could fit all my penis-paraphernalia for the bachelorette party, my emergency crafting supplies on the setup day, and also my make-up and wedding day survival kit. What I didn't want was three to four different bags to lug around during wedding crunch time.

I found a couple of purses, similar to what I already own and know won't work — not enough pockets, not the right size, too loose and flimsy. As I'm about to leave with nothing, I walked by the baby aisle, and there it was — the DIY wedding must-have — a DIAPER BAG!

For $19.99 I scored big time… a bright red Vera Bradley diaper bag, that fits everything — has room for water bottles and face wipes, as well as a Muppet-themed unity candle!

I highly suggest to anyone who is planning a DIY wedding: get yourself a diaper bag.

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  1. The only diaper bag I have is double lined as a cooler. Its kinda neat really, but its not going to be useful when I have kids.

  2. Diaper bags also make great air travel carry-on bags – soooo many pockets, and a lot are only a little bit bigger than a large purse. Plus, a lot of them are waterproof, with comfy padded straps and lightweight. I wish I’d known about them years ago.

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