Rainbow hair, wedding tatts, and more unique Pennsylvania wedding ideas from Alysha Yoder Photography

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Our Pennsylvania-based sponsor, Alysha Yoder Photography‘s favorite weddings to photograph are, well, YOUR weddings — the offbeat ones!

Or as she puts it…

Honestly, offbeat weddings are my favorite. The more unique and unusual the couple and venue the better! I also find that these couples tend to be a lot more open to my crazy creative ideas. It always helps to collaborate with clients in your “offbeatness.” -Alysha

And since most people who put passion into creating something distinctly unique, typically help to create the most wonderful photographs, Alysha is back to share more of her favorite moments in awesome offbeat weddings past…


Lizzy and Nate had their wedding at Knoebels theme park. They actually had a few all over the US (they live in washington state but have family all over). She had rainbow hair, a hand-made rainbow petticoat, and got married on the Phoenix Rollercoaster!


Nicole and Caleb are an awesome couple, who had a “country chic” wedding, with a dog as the ring bearer! It was also, one of the hottest days of the year, and Alysha's first couple with wedding tattoos! How cool is that?


Molly and Paul had a great small wedding — less than 20 guests. Beautiful outdoor ceremony and that dreamy arbor! They got married right by the Yellow Breeches creek — the groom Paul is a huge fisherman. He even put one of his hand-made flies in his boutonniere.


Jen and Joe are a fun free-spirited couple! Long time sweethearts in high school, then fell out of touch. Then 35 YEARS LATER they reconnected, had a whirlwind romance, and got hitched!


Joan and Tim have been together for 17 years! After a long romance in the summer of 2015, Joan proposed to Tim on their boat, with the light of a thousand candles and their children’s cheers from their dock. Joan loves hats and snuck this one on after their ceremony. Isn't it fantastic!?


Much like how all of your wedding plans are special to you, all of Alysha Yoder's wedding packages are customized for each couple! Speaking of special…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Alysha's Early bird Special!

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All that is possible, if you hook up with Alysha Yoder Photography today!

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