Throw a Panty Party for your bachelorette bash

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Over on Offbeat Home, Alissa wrote about her unconventional party idea that turned into an awesome annual “holiday”; for the ladies only. And we thought, hell, this sounds like this would make for a BAD ASS bachelorette party idea.

…we invited every girl we knew, about fifteen ladies, to a Panty Party. The premise was simple — each lady rsvp'd to me with her bra and underwear sizes. I then switched the sizes up and assigned each woman someone else's sizes to shop for. We set a spending cap and told everyone to go find something fabulous for the anonymous lady she was shopping for.

What resulted was one of the best nights of my life.

Head over to Offbeat Home to read up on the rest of the Panty Party premise, and get some great ideas for how you can turn this into your lightly scandalous-but-not-cringe-worthy bachelorette night.

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Comments on Throw a Panty Party for your bachelorette bash

  1. We did that for years in school for Valentine’s and sometimes Christmas. Secret Santa underwear!

  2. Oh, I would so pity the person who had to buy a bra for me! Tip for brides: Before you do this, make sure none of the ladies is a Very Irregular Size Not Found In Stores.

    • What about people who are able to wear more than one bra size? If I were participating in a panty party along with my friends, they would have to look for either a 34D or 36C for me (which are both about the same cup volume anyway).

      By the way, I’m bookmarking this post for future reference! 😉

  3. When we did it, those with awkward bra needs didn’t specify a bra size and got pyjamas or camisoles or whatever else instead. Worked fine.

  4. This sounds liike a generally awesome idea, but what do you do if someone has an extreme bra size (mine in 38H), or something else weird so that people have trouble finding something for them in a reasonable price range?

  5. The moms in my playgroup are doing this in October! We’re super excited.

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