10 pairs of adorable custom-painted wedding shoes

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Custom painted wedding shoes by Figgie Shoes
Custom painted wedding shoes by Figgie Shoes

If you let yourself go down any given rabbit hole on Etsy, you will suddenly realize that this one cute idea is actually a whole niche industry of people who all had the same cute idea and are now all working their tails off to execute that cute idea in ways you never even imagined.

In this spirit, enter the custom-painted wedding shoe. There is a whole world of custom-painted wedding shoes out there, and today we're going to dip one small, custom-painted toe into it. We've got everything from wedding dates to rainbow fantasy castles (see above!) to Disney characters and mermaids and omg.

custom wedding flats on offbeat bride

Hand Painted Wedding Shoes custom Wedding Shoes seen on offbeat bride

disney up hand painted shoes on offbeat bride



wedding day custom shoes on offbeat bride

totoro converse on offbeat bride

Rainbow Glittered Mary Jane Heels with clear swarovski crystals

Custom Hand Painted Shoes- Little Mermaid on offbeat bride

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