Let’s get soggy with Miranda & Joe’s wonderfully woodsy, rainy wedding

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 | Photography by Tyler Ray
Photos by Tyler Ray

The Offbeat Bride: Miranda, Director of Creative Operations

Her offbeat partner: Joe, Technology Security Consultant

Date and location of wedding: Rattlesnake Ridge, North Bend, WA — January 17, 2015

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We decided over text message to get married in the Seattle area. We were planning on a quick courthouse wedding in Chicago, but I love Seattle and figured I could get a trip out of it. The only guests were our two close friends, Tom and Annelise, and their dog Jacques Cousteau. Tom was also our officiant and planned way more for our wedding than we did — he wrote the entire ceremony, including our vows.

In the end, it wasn't like we did it “our way” — we're not the kind of couple to go for a two-hour hike in the rain! — but we did it, and it was memorable.






Tell us about the ceremony:
Our ceremony included haikus from Tom and another friend Mac:

Joe and Miranda
Amazon beasts in the wild
Let them run….and buckHis chest hair, her vice
It never made her think twice
So clean, never liceThe Green Eye bustled
Joe’s gaze locked, he gasped
It’s totally on

(NOTE: The Green Eye is a bar in Chicago where we met.)






Our biggest challenge:
Our families were extremely supportive of our elopement. Honestly, the hardest thing was walking two miles uphill in my Nike Sky Hi Dunks.



My favorite moment:
The ceremony, written completely by our friend Tom. And drinking whiskey after the ceremony was over — Annelise brought copper mugs, and we mixed up some bourbon with blood oranges.


My funniest moment:
My favorite moment was during the ceremony when Tom referenced our habit of backing out of an event last-minute or leaving whenever we feel like it:

You’ve lived together, created an amazing house to live in together, found your favorite places, hangouts, and dives in Chicago — your favorite artists, your favorite vacation spots, and your favorite time of the day to say ‘forget whatever we’re doing, who we’re with, or what the plans were… we’re going home to spend some time together. Nothing else matters.' You love it, I love it, and everyone around you is so happy to see you so happy together.



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  1. The haikus in the ceremony were awesome!

    And the puppy at the end? SOOOO CUTE!

  2. Your hair… I am envious of your hair. It looks like you stole the mane of a unicorn. I mean that in the absolute best way possible; because unicorns, like your hair, are bad ass.

  3. The fact that her bouquet matches her awesome hair just made my fuggin brain EXPLODE.

    • THIS! I was like hair! flowers! matchy! Ahhh!!! 🙂
      This whole wedding is completely awesome.

  4. Impressive! But this is not Seattle… this is NORTH BEND! I say this because these folks probably drove right by my house. I live out here for the same reason these people had their wedding here; because it is beautiful–please recognize our tiny town! We exist! 🙂

    • I recognize it! I’m house hunting in that region right now.
      But seeing as they’re from Chicago, I’m sure all of King County is “Seattle”. Or at least, that’s how it seems to go. Which is only fair, since I keep running into native western Washingtonians who think the Tri-Cities are right next to Spokane, on the Eastern side of the state. 😉

  5. So beautiful and mystical…. this wedding has me wishing that my wedding was rainy…

  6. Oh my goodness! The last picture with the pup under the blanket might be my favorite wedding picture ever. Too cute!

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